Your Marketing and Your Coffee


hmmmm...the perfect love
hmmmm...the perfect love

How do we know how long to stick our cold, day old (wait…two day old) coffee in the microwave?


It’s a crap shoot in the beginning.  We don’t know the power of the microwave (home vs. office), we don’t know how the container will react to the microwave in the re-heating of the brew.  We don’t know other factors that will determine the outcome we desire…a nice, hot, stimulating, eye-popping cup of coffee.  And yes, this is how I feel about coffee…every morning & about 3pm every day. 😉

What about marketing?  We try our best shot by evaluating all the materials given to us, researched by us, and of course by what the client says…but in the end…isn’t it a crap shoot as well?  Sometimes (and in this analogy of the day) I don’t think it is anymore…well 87% of the time it isn’t!

Because I feel as though I know a lot of tools (“tools” being the word used in groundswell) & how they thrive, beat & pulse; I feel as though I can recommend a client to a certain tool to enhance their presence on the web….the social web that is.

Back to coffee…

Someone just recently told me that they only thought I knew Twitter…yes, I could be considered a Twitter Whore at times, but I have been doing this “stuff” for almost four years now and have implemented inside of corporations as well helped individual entrepreneurs.  I have had my scolding hot cup with ice cold coffee in it.  I have had my nuclear hot coffee that had to be watered down…and then there are those days that I finally figured out the right timing where my coffee is perfect. 

It’s all trial & error and I am so glad that I “think” I have it down to a nice cup of joe with-in a 30 second time frame.

Your Marketing is Just Like a Deep Clean

When you clean your house, do you do the once a week, 10 minute, vaccuum to the edges and around stuff, kind of cleaning?  I do. Then about ever 6 weeks I move the furniture and find stuff that I missed weeks before.

Now don’t think that we live in an unkept house, because we don’t–you can’t even tell that we have three little munchkins running around–but they don’t clean in the corner or under the entryway table either.

When you market, do you just go to edges or do you go get those specks of dust hiding in the corner that really make a difference of knowing you hit the exact market for your product?  What do those specks of dust do and what do they represent?  You never just find one speck of dust, you find all the other specks of dust – JUST LIKE THEM.  You find a clump of dust, fur, hair, carpet fuzz & a lone Cheerio all in the same corner.  They represent the mother of all marketing niches: your perfect, hugely satifsfying, target audience of what makes an everyday clean a DEEP CLEAN.

What makes them the same? They ended up there and they are attracting stuff just like them.  You might have a Cherrio & carpet fuzz end up in the same place, but the point is–they ended up in the same place! And when you find it and clean it, that is when you get the uuber of all cleaning satisfaction!

Tip of the Day? Go to where your dust is and see who and what gathers there.  Engage with them in their territory, their comfort zone and talk their language.  If you continuously clean around the hiding places, you will never find that speck of golden dust that is YOUR perfect client.

My Inner Marvin

Marvin was bad-ass.  Marvin was my volleyball buddy years ago.  Marvin never let a ball drop.  Marvin dared the other team to serve their hardest serve.  Marvin gave them the “try-again” look when an amazing dig happened on a hit that was supposed to lead to a point.  Marvin was the perfect player, a coach’s dream.  Marvin knew how to get the job done – and did it well.

Marvin was my alter ego when I played volleyball 12 months out of the year up through college & I passed his wisdom onto the girls that I coached after college, then…no more Marvin.

What does Marvin say/do now?….a *few* years later….

Marvin’s ego is a bit more in check now.  🙂  Marvin’s still a buddy, but knows that there is a need to open up & embrace truth, reality, perception, transparency & messaging that happens w/in the depths of a company.  Yes, there are rules, guidelines, policies…but this is the time, this is the place for everyone’s inner Marvin to come out.  Look out friends, my Marvin is back.  

Here is a great quote that just screams for a place here:

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.
Maya Angelou 

My New Working Venture

I have landed!

With out breaking into song & dance, I now have The Best of Both Worlds.

Being a rock star mom and wife is number one in my life while work allows me to express myself with the a path that I have found a pretty good niche in. I have found a job (or did they find me?) where I am able to be a mom and help a company communicate & market themselves to the right client.

I am now with Consilio and it’s sister company Perfect Order as their Communication Manager. I will be communicating about classes, services as well as assisting in internal marketing efforts.

This “Best of Both Worlds” opportunity is part of the revolution with the way working moms decide whether or not they should stay at home with their kids or fulfill their need to work and contribute to something that they are great at. All the while, being a rock star mom & wife.

I will also be out and about picking up new clients to give them my nurturing, hands on approach to social media all the while doing other “things” with my new working family.

Best Marketing Practices That Doubles as Art

For anyone that says they are in or around marketing you already know about HubSpot.

If you are just diving into this “new media stuff”, I highly recommend you spend the day -yes, the day- reading their blogs & watching their weekly wrap up. You will be self-subscribed expert by the end. 

First, check out this blog that asks the question and gives you a beautiful visual:

What are the best and worst marketing programs businesses have performed in the past year to drive sales leads?

The art is courtesy of Wordle & quite fun to play with and create your own word art for the day.

How to Get Kicked Out of a Community

imagesYep, I broke my own rule & pimped TSheets too much in the Intuit Online Community and almost got the boot.  I was called to the carpet by Amy on Tuesday & I about cried.  That is just not what I am about & not what I stand for.  I am constantly telling people not to sell on Twitter, FaceBook etc…yet somehow I got caught up in stretching how I should “advise” people on time tracking.  So sorry Amy.

I appologized to Amy up and down & she invited me to still contribute, but where it is more appropriate.  Yes, anything…let me preach not only the fabulous time tracking system that is TSheets, but let me teach others about how to use social media.  I contributed to a great post today that someone asked “how do I set up online networks”.  Golden.  I didn’t just give .02, but more like $3.50.  I have been wanting to write how I use the big 3: LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter & I did so on this community.  

I really, really hope it helps people out.   I love this stuff & I want others to reap the benefits of it too.  My frustration lies in there are a ba-zillion people saying “get on”, “get communicating”, “be here”, “be there”…but for the common business owner, they don’t get the nitty gritty of what to say & how to say it.  It’s about the value-add that you are giving to people.  We know you have a product to sell, we get that…but how else can you contribute that will make my life easier & better?

So this tip of the day?  Don’t sell.  Contribute.

Not Going To Be one of those Social Marketers

2090212177_98f01c348b_mSo, I am still explaining what social media is, how to use it & how it really is a business tool, but I am SO obviously not the only one.  There are a plethora of experts out there preaching, repeating, talking, linking and guiding others to the latest how to, what to, what not to, who to listen to etc etc etc.  

I don’t want to regurgitate.  But what I do want to do is teach & guide the “hands on” & the organic philosophy – in my own regurgitated words or own raw thoughts.  

For those that know me, I am blunt…w/sugar sprinkled on top.  I just want to help.  A few months ago I put together a non-solicited plan for my local drive-through coffee shop.  Ideas swim in my head all the time & I have to get them out or else I don’t sleep at night.  Thank goodness I have TSheets where I can bounce ideas off the decision makers that believe in social media and the power of relationships that it solicits.  

So, you can expect my thoughts on local & national marketing issues, campaigns, observations bla bla bla…but with a Jen twist.  Cheers!

My First Day of Work at TSheets

So, I love my new job.  I love being employed.  I love being busy & knowing that what I know can & will make a difference in a company.  And that was my first day…today is day 2.

All 6 of us were in a impromptu meeting in the afternoon & I gave my opinion (I know, shocker!) on some marketing/sales thoughts.  I gave my SM speal and was told w/smiles: that is what we hired you for!  Big sigh! It is SO thrilling to know that a company believes in what I know & what I can accomplish.  

I look forward to help building awareness (which of course leads to sales) of TSheets and what it can do for the business owner when it comes to ease of use, reporting & flat out a time saver.  I look forward to coming up with results that will lead to ROI which will lead to so many nay sayers starting to blog & Twitter.