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My Move From Consilio June 29, 2009

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Off We Go!

Off We Go!

The time has come for the birdie to leave the nest.  Rochelle DeLong took me under her wing and brought me into Consilio in March to not only help her company learn, promote and market with social media but to have a place for small businesses to turn to for help getting into social media that wouldn’t cost them an arm and leg.

She helped me release the fear that I have had about opening up my own company and start helping the people step into the pool with all this social computing “stuff”!  🙂

Ideally, I would love to be inside a company and really get my teeth into their soul and bring it to the masses…but those positions are only just now starting to emerge and corporations and still skeptical of adding a full time social media gal to their payroll.  Which we all know is completely foolish…better to be on the 8 ball than behind it at this point.  IMHO.  🙂  But, let me say, there are smart companies out there that are hiring – good job!

Tuesday is my last day.  Rochelle and I are working out who goes “with me” etc.  There are things that she can do, things that I can do & we will be working that out.  I will still be working for her as their internal social media gal doing strategy, management & rallying for them.  I will also be part of her network of contractors that makes her & her company just absolutely amazing.

Her business model is to help small businesses with the thinking that outsourcing is the best model.  Do what you are good at…and don’t worry about the things you are not.  But at the same time she teaches you to be aware, be a smart business owner & learn how to grow yourself & your business to reach your goals.  She is not a coach for your business, she is a paramedic & a neurologist.

Thank you Rochelle, I couldn’t ask for a better 4 months of work to learn more about myself as a human being, a parent, a wife and a friend.  You make people be good at being human.



Say Goodby to Email! May 13, 2009


Jen - with email.......

Jen - with email.......

At least for me, that is.
Is Email going to die? No, but it is going to be left for reminders rather than content.
Consilio and  Treasure Valley Consultants are working together to put on a webinar on May 27th (on DimDim highly recomended-no software downloads!) about Building A Strong Team based on the book Strenghth Finders and The Five Disfunctions of a Team.  


I have already lost emails, or rather I have lost emails in the shuffle of other emails in regard to who is doing what, where the content is going to live, how we are organizing, promoting etc, etc, etc.

Hello BaseCamp!  Everything lives here.  ToDo lists, content (in the form of a living document called the WriteBoard), milestones, logos, notes & due dates.  I don’t have to (nor should I) have to go anywhere else to find info out about this project.  Their are reminders that you can send via email about updates etc – which are, admitedly, nice – but they are quick spurts of info…not long drawn out “version 7” of copy that you thought already got the ok.

I am really looking forward to using my email as reminders rather than using it as a form of communication.  By doing this I have segmented who I work with in the easiest & fastet way that we would work together.  It’s about finding what works instead of forcing to use a systematic (and almost out-dated) way of doing things.  

Literally, I have a huge monkey off my back by not worrying about where “stuff” lives & if I labeled it correctly in my email or if I accidently deleted it instead of another promotion/spam email.

Anyone else using alternative platforms to get work done?


My Inner Marvin May 7, 2009

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Marvin was bad-ass.  Marvin was my volleyball buddy years ago.  Marvin never let a ball drop.  Marvin dared the other team to serve their hardest serve.  Marvin gave them the “try-again” look when an amazing dig happened on a hit that was supposed to lead to a point.  Marvin was the perfect player, a coach’s dream.  Marvin knew how to get the job done – and did it well.

Marvin was my alter ego when I played volleyball 12 months out of the year up through college & I passed his wisdom onto the girls that I coached after college, then…no more Marvin.

What does Marvin say/do now?….a *few* years later….

Marvin’s ego is a bit more in check now.  🙂  Marvin’s still a buddy, but knows that there is a need to open up & embrace truth, reality, perception, transparency & messaging that happens w/in the depths of a company.  Yes, there are rules, guidelines, policies…but this is the time, this is the place for everyone’s inner Marvin to come out.  Look out friends, my Marvin is back.  

Here is a great quote that just screams for a place here:

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.
Maya Angelou 


Twitter “Followers” Should Be WAY More Than Following April 9, 2009

I am having pain now! Please Fix

I am having pain now! Please Fix

The general consensious of the people writing the Twitter manuals on “how to” and “what is” appropriate in TwitterLand, might need to reconsider their follower/following number guidelines.  Those guidelines currently recommend that you should have about an equal portion of follower to following or else you are considered a spammer (following more than are following you) or a celebrity (have more followers than following).

Well, I think we can all be celebrities!

Corporations & brands that want to really be a part of the social media uprise, need to LISTEN & ENGAGE!  But, not in a spammy way.  Be there for us when we cry out & have a need.  Be there for us when we are talking about certain subjects.  Be there when we have a request or question about YOUR PRODUCT (or a competitors!-but be nice).

Because I have been on both the consumer side of Twitter & the represenative of a company listening for those cries, I give you my following examples: 

Me as the Consumer: Tuesday of this week @digitalvision tweeted out the following:

digitalvisionWebex, you and your non-sharable proprietary formats give me headaches

I responded that it was valuable info since I am in the hunt for an efficient webinar service.  We pinged back & forth a few times, and then-it happened.  @ooVooMarty chimed in and @’d me the following.

@JenHarris09 saw comment on webex, give oovoo a look,….

He was either searching for key words and or competitors and found our conversation.  He was not spammy, but very kind & gentle on suggesting that I check out oovoo.  

My Results: THAT my friends,is how you engage.  I pinged him back, said thank you for the OOVOO suggestion (which I have since checked out) and that I appreciated his engagement & am considering using!  (cost to Co? 2 min of his time to find & tweet me…ROI? Much better than a click through rate!)

When/If the ball is in the COMPANIES court (or is it, when the Twal is in the companies Twort?)

Me as the Company: For three months I was the Social Media Sales & Marketing Specialist for @TSheets.  I was all over Twitter searching for mentions, recommendations & critiques of @Tsheets.  I also searched keywords such as “time tracking”, “time tracker”, “time card” etc.  Since 60% of the current customer base was tech, it was a good place to look.

My results? Conversations with potential customers and engagement with those looking for help…in a NON-Spammy way of course.  Our Twitter follower numbers never dropped because I was human & respected peoples time.  I would read our customers blogs when they Tweeted them out and respond if I had something relevant to add (this is a WHOLE other blog on how a Social Media Marketer should engage in all platforms – stay tuned).

My Tip of The Day?  Use Search & Learn how to use “operators” well.  Don’t be spammy, be human, be helpful.  And Consumers, it is ok to have a skewed number of followers, if the man a caring company is listening in TwitterLand, it is better for all of us as consumers in the end.


A Hands-On Twitter Workshop March 16, 2009

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I am thrilled to announc our first Hands-On Twitter Workshop here at Consilio (my new stomping grounds)!

This will be a class for those that say “I know I should be on Twitter, but I just don’t get how to use it” or “I want to use it better.”

I met a guy Friday night at Red Sky PR’s one year anniversary party (Congrats Jess & Crue’ by the way!) who said he had 600+ followers & he doesn’t know what to do with them or how to communicate with them – this class is for you!

There are also a ton of people in Boise that I have started following lately that have less than 10 tweets out & very few followers…don’t be scared – once you get the how to’s & why’s down, you will see the light…aka: have that Ah Ha moment that I love so much! – this class is for you!

Great question, thanks for asking!

Really hope to see you Wednesday or if that fills up another one in the coming weeks!
Facebook Invite: You can see the details here & link to the online sign up on EventBrite from here.

See you soon!


My New Working Venture March 10, 2009

I have landed!

With out breaking into song & dance, I now have The Best of Both Worlds.

Being a rock star mom and wife is number one in my life while work allows me to express myself with the a path that I have found a pretty good niche in. I have found a job (or did they find me?) where I am able to be a mom and help a company communicate & market themselves to the right client.

I am now with Consilio and it’s sister company Perfect Order as their Communication Manager. I will be communicating about classes, services as well as assisting in internal marketing efforts.

This “Best of Both Worlds” opportunity is part of the revolution with the way working moms decide whether or not they should stay at home with their kids or fulfill their need to work and contribute to something that they are great at. All the while, being a rock star mom & wife.

I will also be out and about picking up new clients to give them my nurturing, hands on approach to social media all the while doing other “things” with my new working family.