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Six Ways To Start A Conversation June 30, 2009

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According to the TwiTip site that I read this morning (which is dated July 1) Twitter is the darling of social media right now.  They posted “5 Uncommon Ways Your #Business Can Use Twitter” which I honestly don’t think should be that “uncommon”.  I hope this is the FIRST five things that agencies think of!

I have a presentation called “Why Twitter” where I outline the age old Twitter question: What do you say?  This always seems to help ease people into figuring out how to start a conversation on Twitter.  These go along with TwiTip’s tips as the first two steps on Twitter….listening & participating.



Twitter Spam is Evil June 24, 2009

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I was asked by Fox12 yesterday about hashtags, the Iranian conflict and how spammers are taking advantage of the “trending topics” in Twitter to get you to go to their site…and buy whatever blue little pill you desire.

If you click on this stuff….sorry, ya kinda get what you deserve!

Be smart!!  When it looks like a rat, smells like a rat…it’s probably a spammer.



Salida Colorado: Shavano Custom Log Works June 23, 2009

Shavano Custom Log Works is nestled on the side of the road on Hyw 285 between Salida & Buena Vista with THIS backdrop…..nice corner office if I do say so myself!  Adam Rhude has been building custom homes for 5 years now in this location & the only “advertising, promoting or marketing” he has ever done is 100% word of mouth…and a KILLER location!

Adam has literally sold homes off of drive-by’s.  He doesn’t have a website, a dedicated email, an “office”…just a reputation.  Ahh, the power!  Of course those items he doesn’t have are going to change soon *ahem…he “knows” people* but what a great way to start an online reputation…with a great REAL LIFE one!

I write this off of personal experience.  Adam & his wife, Amy, are some of our closest friends ever & I adore them, trust them and know that whatever Adam sinks his teeth into is going to be a success.  A really good guy.  Couldn’t ask for a better client.  Stay tuned & will soon be live, kickin’ and his fantastic reputation will live on.

Ohh! And if you want to call Adam, please do! 719-207-1001

When you look at the Shavano Custom Log Works Photos, you see craftsmanship that is beauty.



Salida Colorado: BeadSong June 22, 2009

First, a bit of disclosure: Tami Sheppard, owner of BeadSong, is one of my bestest friends.  Her & her husband Duke were in our wedding, I have worked for her (actually, I was paid in beads) and I just stayed in their cottage at their house during a recent visit to Salida…with that said: if you are ever in Salida, her store is a must see (I would send you to her website, but she doesn’t have one…yes, we are working on that!)

BeadSong got it’s name due to the AMAZING opera voice of Tami.  She spontaneously sang a beautiful Italian opera at our wedding that brought the house down.  She began beading many, many, MANY 🙂 years ago & after settling into Salida, and noticing a niche that needed to be filled in this ever growing art community.

Tami just celebrated her 14th year in business in downtown Salida with a customer base of tourists shopping after they come off the mountain at Monarch in the winter or off the Arkansas river in the summer.  She has an AMAZING selection, loyal local customers & fanatical tourists who come back year after year to see “the bead lady”.  She tells stories of getting mail addressed to her as “The Bead Lady, Salida, Co.” & it gets to her.  Got-to-love a small town!

My favorite part about Tami is that she really enjoys beading.  Yes, she gets burned out like all of us…so what does she do? She travels to the Czech Republic and tours a glass bead factory!  She brought back some beautiful beads (which I of course purchased 2 bracelets) and stories of how they make, string & sell their beads.

Tami’s secret? Take a break from what you love or you will burn out quick.  Tami works 3 of the 6 days she is open (my assumption is that she is paying in REAL money, rather than beads) and loves to travel.  She and Duke get away to Mexico at least twice a year to fish, sleep, relax and ride their motorcycles.  Balance.


Twitter Stats: You Are Still A Rock Star June 21, 2009

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Yea! We love HubSpot

Yea! We love HubSpot

I am fond of Twitter…duh.

I love that we can all connect with each other in a way that makes the awakardness go away when you meet face:face for the first time.  That is Twitter.

I love that the majority of people who try to tell you that you can make a gazillio dollars with Twitter in one month are outed, made fun of, blocked, mocked & sucomb to the mob that is Twitter.  BoooYaaa! *she says w/all the thunder that is her inner Al Pacino*

HubSpot has come out wtth some very revealing Twitter stats that say 50-75% of users (in my oh so humble opinion) are not taking full advantage of communicating with current, potential & possibly disgruntled customers.  Yea for us that are on!  And, yea for anyone that might be teaching a Twitter Workshop in the next two weeks or so *cheese*.

Here is what I have extracted from Chris Brogan’s blog who reported on the State of the Twittersphere by HubSpot:

  • 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL
  • 75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile
  • 68.68% have not specified a location
  • 55.50% are not following anyone
  • 54.88% have never tweeted
  • 52.71% have no followers
  • You can download the full report at:

So again, if you are using – great…take advantage of the relationships you are creating and keep listening!  Just think if you would have gotten on this “blog bandwaggon” 4 years ago when the big whigs thought it was a passing fluke! 🙂


Sales Techniques are a Changing June 10, 2009

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Three years ago, this is how you got a client in the digital age:

It starts with that awkard first meeting with a new person.  In one hour (and at least two inturruptions) you get to know them, their family, their business on a deeper lever (because I have obviously checked out their website) and they get to know you.  You might set up another meeting to discuss what opportunities you can provide for them.  You go back and you both dig deeper, ask more questions, and seek out the opinions of others.   Your second meeting (at least 3 weeks down the road) you talk about the kind of work that you can bring to the table.  You get them a proposal, they ponder, your email got lost, you send it again & they decide to go with someone they have known for years.  Crap.  At least 5 weeks down the drain.

Fast forward to today with relationship selling on steroids….social networking.

I get to know you and close to 30 other people on a daily basis on our social network of choice.  I not only talk to you about you, but others chime in and are willing to give me valuable feedback on you, your practices, your ethics, morals, client stories and what kind of people you REALLY attract. I know what you are accomplishing or struggling with in your business, the type of family outings you attend, what you are reading, “thinking” and discussing with others.  I am a fly on the wall.  When we meet for coffee, I can either bring a detailed, finite proposal to you (due to my in-depth knowledge of your business and character) or seal the deal right then & there (this is usually the case!).

Do you get the difference now?  Doing business is faster, more efficient than ever with social networking & helps everyones bottom line.  Time is money, money is time…don’t waste your time hunting down the clients who won’t give you money.


A Social Media Success June 9, 2009

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I have my Google Reader set up and categorized with the blogs of my Twitter followers & I love it.  It’s those smaller blogs out there that don’t live in the echo chamber of the big dawgs that gives me inspiration!  Hence this blog post! (my friend Tac Anderson blogged about this very thing, but I can’t find the article: it lived somewhere here).

Aneta Hall blogged yesterday about her Social Media Makeover this past year.  Newbie to Speaker in one short year!

Congrats Aneta!  This could be you, you just have to put yourself out there & learn.  Take a class, buy someonce lunch & consume as much as you can between bites….google it.  You can do this…you learned email, you learned other technology to make you better at what you do (aka: driven a car lately?…that was kinda hard at first too!)

Where will you be in a year?


The Ugly Side of #FollowFriday June 5, 2009

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Yes, another Twitter post.

FollowFriday is upon us & since there are no rules, I am just going to give out my .02 (shocker) on what I see as the demise, dilution & ineffectiveness of FollowFriday.

#FF is there to introduce your followers to a few…A FEW…other people that might be interesting to follow.  I love it when people pick a few people in the same type of category.  There is meaning & RELEVANCE there, thank you.

Sending me 46 (i swear to you, this is true) FollowFriday’s this morning that are all RE-TWEETS is just flat out unacceptable.  How would you feel if you were one of 46 groupings of 5-8 people.  Wow, real special man..thanks for thinking of me.  Oh, then in-between those RT’s?  RT’s of his message he sent out earlier.  *sigh*

I wonder if he even knows those 46 people that he RT’d?  Do any of those people feel EXTRA SPECIAL now that someone with 46,000+ followers “mentioned their name”?  Man, I hope they are upset for being diluted down to a RT of a FF hack.

If you are going to do #FF, do it because you actually mean it…not for some ego driven, number whoring reason…yea, I said the word.  out.  *drop mic here*


Your Marketing and Your Coffee June 4, 2009

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hmmmm...the perfect love

hmmmm...the perfect love

How do we know how long to stick our cold, day old (wait…two day old) coffee in the microwave?


It’s a crap shoot in the beginning.  We don’t know the power of the microwave (home vs. office), we don’t know how the container will react to the microwave in the re-heating of the brew.  We don’t know other factors that will determine the outcome we desire…a nice, hot, stimulating, eye-popping cup of coffee.  And yes, this is how I feel about coffee…every morning & about 3pm every day. 😉

What about marketing?  We try our best shot by evaluating all the materials given to us, researched by us, and of course by what the client says…but in the end…isn’t it a crap shoot as well?  Sometimes (and in this analogy of the day) I don’t think it is anymore…well 87% of the time it isn’t!

Because I feel as though I know a lot of tools (“tools” being the word used in groundswell) & how they thrive, beat & pulse; I feel as though I can recommend a client to a certain tool to enhance their presence on the web….the social web that is.

Back to coffee…

Someone just recently told me that they only thought I knew Twitter…yes, I could be considered a Twitter Whore at times, but I have been doing this “stuff” for almost four years now and have implemented inside of corporations as well helped individual entrepreneurs.  I have had my scolding hot cup with ice cold coffee in it.  I have had my nuclear hot coffee that had to be watered down…and then there are those days that I finally figured out the right timing where my coffee is perfect. 

It’s all trial & error and I am so glad that I “think” I have it down to a nice cup of joe with-in a 30 second time frame.


Thorny Vine vs. Jen June 1, 2009

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The "After" Shot

The "After" Shot

Having 3 kids under 5 makes it a bit tough sometimes to do yard work during “waking” hours.  Therefore,  pulling weeds & pruning thorny-vine-type bushes, that could poke the eye out of anyone walking up to our house, has to wait until after 8:30 pm.  

So, there I am digging through this pesky little eye poker when I have a marketing revelation! (last time a revelation popped into my head I was cleaning toilets and the time before that the tub).  A little background on this damn vine/bush.  It has these beautiful little red, winter berries for the birds and are attached to the thorniest vines that a few have seemed to die off for some reason.  The new growth is malleable, soft, green & contains no thorns.

So, how does this relate to marketing….ahhh, welcome to the world of analogies!

The malleable, green, new growth represents the companies and individuals that have realized that Social Media is now crucial to their lively hood as a business owners and are taking action (and of course there is a “right way” to engage as a business…maybe I will write that after a good scrubbin’ of the ‘fridge this weekend).

The thorny, dead, refuse-to-be-cut, poke-your-eye-out vines are just that.  The thorny, “you will not take me alive”, old marketing curmudgeons that think that this “social media thing” is a fad because they don’t understand/know how to sell it to their customers.  They still think in “brand awareness campaigns” & sell tactics on how many eyeballs see a product.  Rather than how to engage potential customers, gather data & insight from current evangelists and build relationships for a stronger brand.

That’s ok…the bush got trimmed & all the dead branches are now gone.  Yes, I got poked & blood was drawn…but in the end, I won.