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How I use Utterli August 4, 2009

utterliAll the rage right now is Posterous for their backward cross posting aggrigation.  I love the premise & can’t wait to start using it, just other things to conquer right now (j.o.b being one).

The cross posting tools in Utterli are fantastic for sending text, audio, video & still pictures to your blog.  When we (Mike Boss & I) were at MPC Computers we used Utterli (what was then called Utterz) for this very reason to reach out to publication editors at one education/tech conference in particular.  Mike set up interviews with editors to talk about the changing hardware needs of the education market and where they saw the need for certain pieces in the future.  After the interview (which he recorded for a future pod cast) he would take a picture of the editor, with text & send a “voice mail” with-in 10 minutes of each other & it would show up on Mike’s blog as one post.

In doing this and nurturing other relationships via email and Twitter, Mike was able to get MPC off of the blacklist & get coverage in an industry magazine (physical & web) with-out “paying” for it.  Traditionally, MPC would spend their media dollars (around $250,000) to get the inside front cover of a magazine & a few banner ads on the website.  ROI sucked.  Honestly, I don’t know the end result ROI of Mike creating relationships…but it was a whole lot cheaper than $250k!

On a personal level, I use Utterli for my personal blog for the Grandparents.  I take pictures of the kiddos on my Blackberry & send it and audio to the family blog at least 3 times a week.  The kids sing Happy Birthday, tell of their first poops on the potty & I just recently let them jabber in the background for a few minutes on the ride home.  Grandma said she felt like she was in the car & how nice it was for me to share something like that with her.  🙂

How can you cross post to your blog to engage others on a daily basis & make them feel like they are “right there”?


The Stockdale’s, Omnipure and PR July 28, 2009

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Ryan Stockdale

Ryan Stockdale

I had lunch today with Travis Franklin from Hawley Troxell and we were talking about the public perception of Ryan Stockdale’s former company Omnipure Filter Company.

If you don’t know the Stockdale’s story with ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, you can see it here.
If you don’t know the Ryan Stockdale’s  story with cluster headaches….here is the download from the perception of the public (me).

  • Ryan Stockdale became one of the worst cluster headache patients doctors have EVER seen
  • He lost his job at Omnipure…but still had insurance (not sure the details here-COBRA?)
  • There is a chance of recovery through the same type of brain surgery that they do on Parkinson’s patients…even though it is “experimental”, doctors (you know, the really smart ones) know this will help him live a NORMAL life.
  • Omnipure Insurance won’t cover the almost $100,000 surgery UNLESS the CEO says yes (again, this is public perception that was crafted…more on the aftermath of the PR response)
  • Omnipure CEO, Mr. Roger Reid, denied Ryan the coverage
  • The community of Boise stood up & raised the money in record time
  • Ryan & family are getting surgery.

Now, is this what REALLY happened or is this just public perception?  I heard about 22 seconds on channel 6 one night that the CEO did donate to the cause out of his own pocket.  Great…that wasn’t overshadowed AT ALL by the bigger story  that they failed to take care of their own.

We as business people know the facts of insurance and why he wasn’t going to be covered.  “Experimental” doesn’t bode well in any situation for a company.  As a CEO/HR Director you have to look at the health of the company and whether or not the company is going to be able to provide insurance to everyone after certain claims.  This is a double edged sword.

Back to public perception and that PERCEPTION IS REALITY.  Here is my take on what Omnipure should have done. (Let it be known that I am not a PR professional…but what I know are how to use web tools to reach MANY MANY MANY people and squash the perception of one story and enhance & educate the reality of the truth.)

  • Ryan Stockdale became one of the worst cluster headache patients doctors have EVER seen – Omnipure would have a great opportunity to explain this through their blog.
  • He lost his job at Omnipure…but still had insurance – this would be a great Omnipure blog explaining this.
  • Omnipure sets up a Facebook, Twitter, website, local bank and donation page for the Stockdales with the premise that the insurance company is going to deny the claim.  (saving the face of Omnipure not being the bad guy due to education of public through these pages). – educate through blogs!
  • Gathering’s take place on Omnipure stomping grounds – the hat is passed around to raise funds & awareness of what the REAL DETAILS are of the story…hmmm, think the PRESS would pick up on this?
  • There is a chance of recovery through the same type of brain surgery that they do on Parkinson’s patients…even though it is “experimental”…which we all know now is very rarely covered.
  • Omnipure’s insurance provided denies Ryan the coverage – another great blog post!
  • The community of Boise stood up & raised the money in record time along with the support of Omnipure – ooh, blog post!
  • Ryan & family are getting surgery. – blog post!

Omnipure has been made out to be the bad guy here…which they are not.  They are looking our for the entire company’s well being.

What kind of outcome would you envision if the PR agency took a proactive role in seeing the social media future of this situation?  It is going to happen again and again and again.  Proactive, not reactive will win the public perception game every time.


Why a Newspaper Should Hire “The Enemy” July 27, 2009

Going back almost four years ago, I was considered one of the the anti-traditional media people here in Boise.  What ever happened to everyone at BlueLine Marketing anyway?  😉  (Tac, I think the post needs to be updated!)

We were shakin’ things up…granted, we burned bridges, ticked off a few traditionalists, but hopefully (hindsight is 20/20) we made people think.

**Hi, my name is Jen & I am here to tell you – I no longer carry matches.**

I have always thought that there is a way to integrate traditional media and social media to make things “work”.  “It” is more than the medium, “it” is the messaging, the voice, the integration, the culture & how IT can be sustainable through the lifespan of the company.  If your messaging says one thing & you deliver another…you will be found out & fail faster with social media than any other medium out there. (anyone can buy an ad that says “we have great customer service” but it is the public who will determine if that is true through the actions of the customer).

Newspapers are failing and losing money (notice, I didn’t say dying) and they need to figure out where their revenue is going to come from.

Are they going to be paid for their content? Sorry – a little late.  One domino fell prey to the “free newspaper online” gig & they all fell – not going to go back on that.

Are they going to keep raising ad rates and give them more “value” by also giving them ad space as a banner ad online?  Yes, this has been happening for 10+ years…but revenues are still down.

Are they going to hire the bridge burners Social Media people and build a value ad program that will teach local SMB’s how to use social media to work to their advantage while using traditional media as another (not ONLY) tool to market their business?  These can intertwine so easily!!!  My head is spinning with ideas…and I am not going to give you any of them.  🙂  If you are reading this and know of a newspaper/tv/radio station that is hiring and wants these ideas (oohhh, and wants to pay me)…you can get ahold of me in a plethora of ways.

In order to get to sleep tonight, I am going to go put these ideas on paper (to burn later if needed) so I can get them off my brain.