Shop208 Beta to Release This Friday

shop208For those that haven’t heard the buzz about Shop208, here is the simple low-down of why it is one of the smartest business sites to come around for a LONG time.

First, you should know that there is a limited amount of Beta users that will be able to be the first on board to give feedback & help with tweaks etc…all that good stuff that comes along with being a Beta user! Click HERE to sign up!

Why Should We Try Shop208?
Shop208 is a place for businesses to keep have an online presence with a plethora of marketing options on a platform that is built by a VERY smart, local, group.

If you don’t have a site, you need Shop208 to CREATE CONTENT! (Content is what makes you be found on the web & it lives FOREVER on the web.  The more content you provide, the better your ranking).

If you have a site, but it is a “brochure site”, you need Shop208.  Most likely, your site is just a presence where your clients can find out info that would normally be printed on a brochure.  If you have to call a “web master” to change your content, you need Shop208.

If you have a site, but have control of the backend (CMS: Content Management System) but want to get more out of your site (web analytics, form building, email marketing) all in one site for an AMAZINGLY Cheep price, you need Shop208.

What Does Shop208 Cost?
$0 – $60 a month. Amazingly cheep if you were to go with the  Premium Business package.  You could easily pay 3x this amount to get the features & quality that is expected by the end user (aka: your current & potential clients!).  You can’t afford not to do this.

What’s Your Role, Jen?
I met Nathan Barry just over a week ago & grilled him on why people should take advantage of Shop208. There have been at least 3 local developers try to make this sort of site (all of them not successful) in the past 3 years, but this is the first one that I have seen that I would support.
And since we all know content is what makes the web go around, I am here for Nathan and all Shop208 members to help them develop that web content in the form of blogs and a blog calendar of what they should write about.  This is an additional service, but one that people are finally catching onto that is extremely important, but not required.

Again, I have seen at least three similar type ideas formed the past few years, but not as well designed, thought out & released in such a smart forward thinking way. It starts out at FREE, so what do you have to loose?

How I use Utterli

utterliAll the rage right now is Posterous for their backward cross posting aggrigation.  I love the premise & can’t wait to start using it, just other things to conquer right now (j.o.b being one).

The cross posting tools in Utterli are fantastic for sending text, audio, video & still pictures to your blog.  When we (Mike Boss & I) were at MPC Computers we used Utterli (what was then called Utterz) for this very reason to reach out to publication editors at one education/tech conference in particular.  Mike set up interviews with editors to talk about the changing hardware needs of the education market and where they saw the need for certain pieces in the future.  After the interview (which he recorded for a future pod cast) he would take a picture of the editor, with text & send a “voice mail” with-in 10 minutes of each other & it would show up on Mike’s blog as one post.

In doing this and nurturing other relationships via email and Twitter, Mike was able to get MPC off of the blacklist & get coverage in an industry magazine (physical & web) with-out “paying” for it.  Traditionally, MPC would spend their media dollars (around $250,000) to get the inside front cover of a magazine & a few banner ads on the website.  ROI sucked.  Honestly, I don’t know the end result ROI of Mike creating relationships…but it was a whole lot cheaper than $250k!

On a personal level, I use Utterli for my personal blog for the Grandparents.  I take pictures of the kiddos on my Blackberry & send it and audio to the family blog at least 3 times a week.  The kids sing Happy Birthday, tell of their first poops on the potty & I just recently let them jabber in the background for a few minutes on the ride home.  Grandma said she felt like she was in the car & how nice it was for me to share something like that with her.  🙂

How can you cross post to your blog to engage others on a daily basis & make them feel like they are “right there”?

Say Goodby to Email!


Jen - with email.......
Jen - with email.......

At least for me, that is.
Is Email going to die? No, but it is going to be left for reminders rather than content.
Consilio and  Treasure Valley Consultants are working together to put on a webinar on May 27th (on DimDim highly recomended-no software downloads!) about Building A Strong Team based on the book Strenghth Finders and The Five Disfunctions of a Team.  


I have already lost emails, or rather I have lost emails in the shuffle of other emails in regard to who is doing what, where the content is going to live, how we are organizing, promoting etc, etc, etc.

Hello BaseCamp!  Everything lives here.  ToDo lists, content (in the form of a living document called the WriteBoard), milestones, logos, notes & due dates.  I don’t have to (nor should I) have to go anywhere else to find info out about this project.  Their are reminders that you can send via email about updates etc – which are, admitedly, nice – but they are quick spurts of info…not long drawn out “version 7” of copy that you thought already got the ok.

I am really looking forward to using my email as reminders rather than using it as a form of communication.  By doing this I have segmented who I work with in the easiest & fastet way that we would work together.  It’s about finding what works instead of forcing to use a systematic (and almost out-dated) way of doing things.  

Literally, I have a huge monkey off my back by not worrying about where “stuff” lives & if I labeled it correctly in my email or if I accidently deleted it instead of another promotion/spam email.

Anyone else using alternative platforms to get work done?

Heading to my first…

Heading to my first day of work at T-Sheets. Looking forward to it. It’s exactly 11 months to the day that I started at NPC, but this is going to be a new day and a new adventure and I’m looking forward to it.

Powered by Jott Interview

There are some Twitter followers that I wish I could remember how we found each other…did you find me first or vice versa?  Whatever the case, I am thrilled that I somehow was connected with Michael G. Cohen of Twitterviews.

He just released a Twitter interview on me this morning & I am litterally shaking (ok, could be the food to coffee ratio), but I am still so excited to be given this opportunity.

Again, thank you Michael – I am honored.

New Use For Twitter!

Day 13 and still looking…but things are looking up!  I had a really good conversation with Matt Rissell yesterday and an email exchange with Steve Chazin from AND I found an almost empty bag of candy corn in my glove box this morning – there is hope!

I have been doing my due diligence when it comes to finding a job: sending out resumes, following up, checking ALL the right (and some WAY wrong) places online to find a job but I am hoping my extra effort in the Social Media sphere will leap frog me ahead of everyone else getting laid off in this valley.

Now let me start by saying, I love LinkedIn.  I have been an advocate for a few years and love the direction they are going (just downloaded new WordPress App).  But the “recommendations” just seem to be all the same.  “X is great.  X is a hard worker.  X knows how to bla bla bla”.  And what brilliant future employer has the precious time to read all those glowing remarks about me? 🙂

How about 140 characters?  My brilliant future employer would see that my peers say what needs to be said and are to the point.  A lot of my Twitter friends I have only been face to face with them once or twice, but we all run around in the same Twitter sphere & if I was a schmuck and a fraud, they would quit following me and or call me out.

I have asked my TwitSphere to tag their recommendations #jensSearch and I have 3 so far.  What is great is that these are people I would have never gone to for a “traditional” recommendation, so I am thrilled to have them as part of the process of finding THE job.  Thanks guys! 

BTW: Any fellow Twitterererrs are more than welcome to add to the list – but be geniune! If you think I am a schmuck, say so!  🙂

@JenHarris09If you didn’t know that the words Google, MySpace, and Blog are verbs, you need to hire Jen Harris. Today. #jensSearch

Jen helped me with a client’s need to market a large commercial project. Her advice, focus, guidance, & follow-up was superb. #jensSearch

#jenssearch I can’t recommend Jen enough. She’s a go-getter and knowledgeable in social media and skilled in project management.

Show Me Your Twitter!

My former Director at MPC would giggle every time I said things like, “Mike, I need you to Twitter your Utterz”.  What I was referring to would be a mini-podcast that Mike did on Utterz (now Utterli) via his BB and he needed to get it messaged out to his tweets on Twitter.  

I was at CCC today listening to J.Glerum & Josh Woodard from Valitics  talk about SM & business.  Afterward, I spoke to Jeff Reynolds (quick correction, thanks @brharrison) who is not an advocate for Twitter because he just doesn’t see the point…yet, hasn’t tried it (I see a motherly lesson here having to do with brocolli) but by the end of our conversation he said “for you, I will try it!”.  It’s not for everyone, for instance Seth Godin is not on Twitter, nor is he active on a lot of SM sites…he writes books and his blog.  I, too, was not a Twitter advocate for at least a year before I jumped on board in December of ’07.  Now, I believe in the power that is Twitter.  

Twitter is what you want it to be.  Personal, business, promotional or a replacement for your RSS feed – these are all possibilities.  Where I get upset is when someone tries to spam or jumps in with-out thinking their promotional plan through, or as @MikeBoss puts it “It strikes me as a big hunk ‘o SM cheese”.  Meaning: give me your voice.  Yes, we do need to give business that jump in credit for trying a new SM device, but don’t spam me, con me or try to get me to look at nudie pics of your cat or a house w/o connecting in a human way first.  I have no problem with @ktvb sending out their stories (1x a day is enough though, thank you), but what I want from them is a voice…who are you, what are you doing?  Our local Fox station @Fox12 does the best out of all the local media outlets – good job!

Twitter for business 101: you are communicating with potential and current clients.  Don’t pitch, sell & pimp your product.  I want to know you for you.  This is simply another tool to open up dialog.  Don’t be that guy 100 years ago that said, “The tele-phone? It will never be a good tool for business!”

Social/New Media in general is the new way of marketing your company.  It can be intertwined with your traditional marketing through percise, honest messaging and tools to make a 3 second impression last as long as you want to ride the wave.