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Twitter & WordPress are in LOVE! March 26, 2009

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It’s about time!


WordPress FINALLY has a Twitter widget that you don’t have to re-code someone elses tool & give up your 2nd child to do!

Whoo HOOO!

Love you WordPress, but this should have happened at least a year ago and should not have been so combursome for us non-uber geeks…but, thank you!  FYI: can you make it prettier? I bit 1.0 if you ask me…but I don’t want to look a gift bird in the mouth – again, thanks…but keep working on it.  😉


A Hands-On Twitter Workshop March 16, 2009

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I am thrilled to announc our first Hands-On Twitter Workshop here at Consilio (my new stomping grounds)!

This will be a class for those that say “I know I should be on Twitter, but I just don’t get how to use it” or “I want to use it better.”

I met a guy Friday night at Red Sky PR’s one year anniversary party (Congrats Jess & Crue’ by the way!) who said he had 600+ followers & he doesn’t know what to do with them or how to communicate with them – this class is for you!

There are also a ton of people in Boise that I have started following lately that have less than 10 tweets out & very few followers…don’t be scared – once you get the how to’s & why’s down, you will see the light…aka: have that Ah Ha moment that I love so much! – this class is for you!

Great question, thanks for asking!

Really hope to see you Wednesday or if that fills up another one in the coming weeks!
Facebook Invite: You can see the details here & link to the online sign up on EventBrite from here.

See you soon!


My New Working Venture March 10, 2009

I have landed!

With out breaking into song & dance, I now have The Best of Both Worlds.

Being a rock star mom and wife is number one in my life while work allows me to express myself with the a path that I have found a pretty good niche in. I have found a job (or did they find me?) where I am able to be a mom and help a company communicate & market themselves to the right client.

I am now with Consilio and it’s sister company Perfect Order as their Communication Manager. I will be communicating about classes, services as well as assisting in internal marketing efforts.

This “Best of Both Worlds” opportunity is part of the revolution with the way working moms decide whether or not they should stay at home with their kids or fulfill their need to work and contribute to something that they are great at. All the while, being a rock star mom & wife.

I will also be out and about picking up new clients to give them my nurturing, hands on approach to social media all the while doing other “things” with my new working family.


Unemployed? Sorta. February 12, 2009

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On Tuesday the 10th, I was laid off at TSheets as Head of Social Media Sales and Marketing.

No worries.

I was at NAWBO that night & met the most amazing women. We talked about social media and how it can help increase conversations and of course relationships in business. Women get it. But that is a whole other blog…stay tuned.

With the encouragement of these wonderful women, I believe I am going to do the consulting “thing”.
I had my first meeting yesterday with Karen Meyer of Handyman Connection and she is just an amazing woman. Another possibility is brewing today and another one tomorrow.

Deep breath people….here we go!


THIS is How A Business Uses Twitter January 28, 2009

What a great use of Twitter! A Houston coffee shop is now taking orders through their DirectMessage feature on Twitter.  What a great use of customer input AND actually doing something with it.

Howe are you using Twitter for your SMB?  If the first thing you say is “what if they say something bad about us”…the truth is, they probably are and the fact that you said that means you know your business is flawed & you just don’t want anyone to know it…yet, they already do.

Small businesses that are jumping in SM are seing positive ROI when they interact with their customers and just don’t pitch them.  This is absolutly KEY when considering using & engaging in Social Media.  Treat, serve & speak to your customers the way you want to be treated…Golden Rule  my friends -nuff said.


Enough of Obama? January 19, 2009

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Enough of Obama? Nope, not at all. Give me more baby!
It’s not about him, it’s about me, my family & their future. To be honest, I might even be this thrilled if McCain won….maybe. 🙂
I bought a Time magazine yesterday that is all Obama, all the time. I just thumbed through it, but did it at the same time while watching the HBO concert event that took place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I choked up & thought…I am going to cry the next 48 hours! I felt like those housewives in the 60’s in their cute little aprons & done up hair as they secretly swooned over JFK and had a sense that their children’s future was going to better.
(Except, I was in pajamas and my done up hair was the same that I feel asleep in the night before). Welcome to the real working mom of the century!
Don’t know where I am going with this, except that the level of excitement & anticipation for the future finally feels right. I don’t have that sense of….ahhhh, really…that I have had for the last 8 years.
Good marketing? Yes. But when coupled with a great leader, a great message, great followers, and my gut feeling of “phew”…it is more than just marketing, it is just plain right.


How to Turn 36 December 16, 2008

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I remember by dad turning 35. I was 8 or 9, he was OLD.
Is it weird to say that I don’t feel like I am 36 today? I don’t feel like the person I remember my dad looking like…you know, because they were so….OLD!
You are the age you feel “they” say. I have no idea what age I feel, because I love the way I feel & I think 36 should feel like this (thank you P90X). So maybe a little crazy has set in…but in my defense, I have 2 year old twins who have my number. Nuff said.
So how do you turn 36, 37 or 38?
Shot (or seven) of whiskey? Well, you are so NOT 26, 27 or 28 – so keep it to one – ok, maybe 2 if you get to sleep in the next day.
I am going to keep turning these numbers as if I don’t care. Because in reality, I don’t. If I can play tag with the kids (and still catch them), play volleyball (and keep up with the fresh faces), and not give in to the Botox (and why IS that add showing up on my FaceBook site?-damn targeted marketing) life will be good.
Maybe a shot of Chai in the morning, a shot of espresso at 3 & some good sushi at 6 will kick off a good year of family, friends, a killer job. Long live 36.