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Marketing Dollars (not) Well Spent: Boise PD & ISP October 12, 2010

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If I was a Marketing Director for the Boise Police Department or the Idaho State Police, I would not spend my budget on warning people when, where & what we are going to pull “you” over for.

Ummm, didn’t we all take the test when we are 15/16 years old…shouldn’t we KNOW not to drink and drive, or speed in a school zone or tailgate/drive crazy?

The PR side of story telling and what happens when people drink & drive etc. is differernt – those are almost scare tactics, you know: Oprah-esque stories that scare us into doing the right thing.

My thinking is that if you don’t warn the public where you are going to pull them over (like in the major construction area,  on the very well posted 55 MPH freeway) you might just make some more money by getting those that are not “in the know” of the rules that we learned at 15.  Wouldn’t that increase the number of tickets and hence the budget for the Police Department where it could be used on training, hiring more officers to catch bad guys and better PR stories?

My first PR/Marketing campaign would be reminding people how to use a 4-way stop sign when there are 4 cars. (BTW: the person that is going straight HAS THE RIGHT AWAY, not the person turning)….and when there are only two cars next to each other: yes, the first car to arrive goes first.

Takeaway & Question to you: Do you think the Boise Police Department is using their marketing dollars in a responsible way where we are getting the most use & information from it?  What would you suggest?


2 Responses to “Marketing Dollars (not) Well Spent: Boise PD & ISP”

  1. Dave Redford Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from Jen, but it’s not an issue of how to make money, it’s an issue of how to fight crime. If they tell people that they are going to be somewhere to ticket them if they speed, then there’s a better chance that people won’t speed, or drink and drive and kill people. Handing out speeding tickets does NOT get people to slow down. They pay the ticket and speed on with their lives hoping not to get caught.

    Besides, don’t they make plenty of money from taxes, registration fees, parking tickets, etc? Fight crime. Starting with those ridiculously criminal high parking ticket fees. ;P

    But IMHO I think the BPD should be focusing on every stupid idiot driver in this town that thinks it’s okay to drive down the suicide/turn lane. Not only is it illegal, but it’s incredibly dangerous and stupid.

  2. jenharris Says:

    So the end result would be: getting people to slow down, don’t D&D: but the issue I have is that the people who are going to do that anyway, might see the “this is where we are going to be” ad and avoid it. So why tell them – how about just nailing them anyway w/o all the warnings?
    BTW: I say get the drunks as they are heading out of the parking garages downtown & one block away from the bars….but that was not the point of the post.
    The turn lane is another “didn’t we learn that at 15?” moment. Wouldn’t education turn a better ROI of keeping us safe rather than constantly warning us of where NOT to go if we don’t want a ticket?

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