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Attract People On FaceBook, Don’t Annoy Them February 8, 2010

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I am sure you have heard: “Don’t Try to Attract People, Go Where The People Are” (aka: get your tail on FaceBook etc)

I complained recently that there are certain individuals out there who are sub-contracted by businesses to RUN their FaceBook & Twitter accounts.  From our similar “circles of influence” I have heard people complain that his one person’s followers are getting pretty annoyed of getting a Fan Request from every new client of theirs.  Kudos to the businesses for trying something new – boooo for letting someone “do it” for you. Would you let this same person represent you at a meeting with the press or your board of directors?  Nuf said.

So the question for the person that doesn’t know and/or understand these social marketing ways is: If I “go” where the people are at, how do I attract them with-out annoying a bunch of people?

Here is what I would do if I were a business owner and wanting to get on FaceBook and Twitter (of course I have done a strategy to decide if these are the right outlets for my customers):

1.  Make sure that my current customer lists are up to date and include all the vitals:

  • Name, Physical Address, Phone Number of Choice, eMail, FaceBook, Twitter Handle

2.  How do I make sure I have ALL THIS before I start on the social sites? ASK.  Have a conversation with your customers in person or via email and tell them you have a plan to be on FB etc in the next month & you want to make sure that you have all info ready to better serve the customers with support,  promotions, contests, stories etc.  (which of course they will have the option to opt-out of being sent info via FB)

3.  Have a plan: strategy (includes Who, Why, What you want to accomplish, Who else is on board (can you use co-op dollars?) What kind of response time will you have, How will you deal with negative comments?)

4.  Now share this plan with your customers via your updated email list.  Let them be part of the process, let them Opt-Out!, Ask them what they want to see from you (and don’t see…because we have all seen and received crap from being a “fan” of someones business that sends you 2 messages a day).

5.  After you have refined your plan (set a timeline for feedback/ideas), set up your accounts.  Have a reason for people to “fan” you (contest, feedback, discount etc)

6.  If you have a personal FaceBook account, don’t invite everyone (this would be the ANNOYING part) but do post a note and a link saying “I now have a fan page for my business where my goal is X, if you would like to become a fan, thank you – if not, I totally respect that!”  You get the idea…treat people the way you want to be treated.  Unless you are an arrogant jerk with a chip on your shoulder thinking that the world owes you something…and everything YOU post anywhere is relevant – ummm, never mind.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask questions to those that are doing a good job – learn from others mistakes and successes!


9 Responses to “Attract People On FaceBook, Don’t Annoy Them”

  1. Bravo! No BRAVO!!! And …. THANKS!!!


  2. Cliff Marks Says:

    Great incite. I re-tweeted this as I think it should be read my many more than I.

    • jenharris Says:

      I saw the RT Cliff, thanks so much. I really try to think and help others as if I am the business owner being bombarded with this stuff. Sometimes we (the ones “in the know”) have to step back and think: “No, it really isn’t that simple.”

  3. T.S. Franklin Says:

    AMEN!!! So true Jen (as usual). I am sick and tired – make that pissed off – from people asking me to fan every single business they represent. I can only imagine how pathetic their pitch must be to the uninformed clients…

    And yes, I’ve started unfriending these on FB and Twitter. I don’t need that crap!

  4. Lorene Says:

    Jen, What a reality! My goodness, I’m almost “done” with FB….it is really becoming a lot like the buzzing on the hysters at Winco after 9pm. I can’t take all the mind numbing bs that people want to tell the world. I only use it now for minimal reasons, sad but true.
    Have an awesome day! Lorene

  5. Scott Nicholson Says:

    I don’t understand the FB deal either. Well, I do, kinda. People, especially small businesses don’t want to be left out in the cold, so they’ve taken to adding FB pages. In some cases other people do that for them.

    But let me ask you one thing. Do larger companies hire people do run their social media departments or social media efforts? We know they do, it’s a rhetorical question. You know what my point is going to be. Small business owners are very often consumed with running their small business and trying to find time to have an actual life. But their needs can even run much deeper and be much more varied than that. It is our challenge to help them bridge that gap while maintaining authenticity.

    Social media is means of communicating. Just as there are people who are not that skilled at communicating on a face to face basis, there are people / small businesses not that skilled or need assistance for other reasons in putting their message forth.

    I think the first Porsche owners must have had a special way of driving their new fangled machines and resisted late comers and their unpolished respect of the old traditions. Just because they were the first ones, doesn’t mean they can’t learn a thing or two from the new innovators.

    Social media management is here to stay just as public affairs managers are here to stay. There will be clumsy ones and there will be naturals, but the role of social media managers is to bridge the gap for their respective clients and, over time, the collective skill set will improve – whether they be on-staff employees or contractors.

    • Scott —

      I think you bring up a great point. At what point is hiring someone to run a corporate social media marketing department necessary? Isn’t this this the same as hiring any position to represent a company?

  6. You’ve done it once more! Incredible read!

  7. Love the article. AND the picture! WOW! Awesome picture! 🙂 Really am enjoying reading your blog. Lots of great info in a very readable format. Thanks! 🙂

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