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Social Media Snake Oil January 11, 2010

Filed under: Free Ideas,Tip of the Day — jenharris @ 8:41 pm

Dear Mr and Mrs business owner,

If someone comes to your business and tells you that they can get you involved in social media and pitches FaceBook and Twitter juuuuuust a little bit too much….
Do this: just say No!

If they tell you that they themselves have a large “following” that can help you…
Do this: just say No!

If they tell you that they can run these accounts for you…
Do this: just say No!

Please don’t be intimidated by these new online tools. They really are not that difficult to understand ONCE you have gone through a STRATEGY that outlines what they can help you with, what the potential ROI is and why you belong there (if at all!!!!!). Don’t be bullied, do your homework and ask around about this persons reputation and ROI with other clients.

And I will say it again, DO NOT outsource this to someone that you would not want to represent YOU in a board meeting with investors and/or potential clients.

Good luck.


3 Responses to “Social Media Snake Oil”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    Hey Jen, me again 🙂
    Nice words! I was thinking this past week about it. I’m studying and doing placement in a company that we are starting to get into the social media, building community all this good stuff; and I was wondering: How could I make money by teaching people how to do that if it’s a cultural shift that you, and your company, have to do. It’s not only create accounts on twitter and facebook and done you have a community….

    I’m thinking how can I define ROIs and a strategy in a area that the objectives are all around cultural shift? is there any good reading about that you recommend?

  2. […] complained recently that there are certain individuals out there who are sub-contracted by businesses to RUN their […]

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