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Jen’s New Marketing Plan December 14, 2009

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Dear Santa:
All I want for Christmas (in my chosen *crazy* profession of course) is a job.  Maybe start out part-time, 2 or 3 days a week (M-W-F or T-Th is best for the twins, so that they can be enrolled at Challenger…you know, to start their brilliance) and do for a company “that social media thing”.  Strategy, implementation and education is what I am good at and I know if I could just get my foot in the door, I can and will make a difference.
All My Love,

This wish got me thinking…why can’t I be the Santa that grants wishes?  And here is where Jen’s New Marketing Plan could be filled with pixie dust or flat-out brilliance.

I am giving it away.

I have no desire at this point in my life to run my own business.  I have no desire to stress over the tax man.  I do have the desire to help others – so I am just going to do that & believe that Karma will take care of things.  No need to buy the cow, the milk is now free.

Here is how it will work:
You need to know how this “social media stuff” works beyond how to get on FaceBook and Twitter.  An actual social media strategy with goals & objectives that go beyond getting tons of  people to be your friend – I can help you.
You want to start a blog (or have the capability to do so) but have writers block – I can help you.
You need to know WHY you should be creating content over buying ads & offering coupons (or why/how to integrate that into a…..STRATEGY!) – I can help you.
You need to know where all these customers are “at” and how to get them engaged with your company – I can help you.
You just need the basics of how to work the tools – I can help you.

How I get P-A-I-D
Buy me coffee, lunch for myself and the twins and possible admission to Rafiki.  Another good location is The Merc at Hidden Springs.  Since I am turning over my knowledge to you for caffeine and chicken nuggets, I am guessing an occasional interruption from a 3-year-old will be worth it.  Let’s plan on 2-3 hours.

What’s in it for Jen?
Karma my friend.  That and a good recommendation or two or three or ten.  My goal is to get that job with-in a marketing department of a larger company that understands a social media marketing person is just as important as the media buyer.
I am enjoying being a mom-at-home with the kids, but I miss “it”- I miss being in the thick of things.  If this Karma job doesn’t come around for a year, so be it…but if I can help people in the meantime (and get me some free coffee) I will be satisfied and I will quit having marketing dreams about your business.

Be my Santa…give me a call, leave a message here, send smoke signals…just get a hold of me – I can help you.


35 Responses to “Jen’s New Marketing Plan”

  1. Brilliant. You, my friend, are the real deal.

    • jenharris Says:

      Thanks Lisa! It’s either give it away or start going insane from the social media dreams I have.

      • Do you really mean it? Would you help do their social media? I made them the website for free. It’s still under construction. They have a Twitter and a Facebook page that I got them to create. What do you think they should do?

      • jenharris Says:

        Ahhh….yes & no.
        I will teach them how to do their social media in a timely, efficient manner that follows their strategy.
        They need to figure out what their reason is to be online at all. Exposure? Orders? Internal communication? Whatever it is, that is where you have a basis for strategy which will THEN lead into tools. Most people do it backwards and say “you have to be on FB and Twitter”. Although that might be true…why? What are you going to accomplish & how is that going to impact your goals you have set up?
        Tools are the end result (and granted, the fun stuff) after you do all the hard stuff before hand.
        Thanks so much for the comment!

      • Mariano Says:

        And I totally agree with your last comment. I had a customer who was advised to get on FB & Twitter to promote his store. What kind of store? Scientific measuring instruments. Yeah. I always update my Facebook status when I find a good deal on one of those.

        Sometimes…you just gotta encourage people to ask the question instead of fall into what they believe is the answer.

  2. brilliant Jen! I’d “hire” you yesterday but my karma ran over my dogma. rock on and crush it!

  3. law Says:

    i need help getting my music off the ground and i think you can help me for a cup of coffee i can do that please help

  4. keith burtis Says:

    Jen, This is very, very creative! I love it. You have me thinking. I will come back to this for sure. Maybe there is a way we can work together. Hrmmmm, wheels are-a-spinning.

  5. @theobell Says:

    You have just been bookmarked! Thanks! @theobell

  6. Nancy Says:

    wow. Chris Brogan just tweeted you. well done.

  7. Ricardo Says:

    Hello Jen, I just read for the first time your blog and I’m very interested in keep reading and learning from you.
    I’m a student at St. Lawrence College (Canada) and I’m studding social media a side (we don’t get this in college, yet :p)
    I’m involved in a nice project (real one) that a social media strategy would be a great solution to it. I would like to know if you have some resources that I can start with or if you would be interested in knowing it the project is about.

    Feliz Natal (merry Christmas in portuguese)

  8. karaajc Says:

    found your blog from @chrisbrogan’s tweet:

    and indeed, this is a great idea.. and man are we in the same boat! in my time of unemployment, I’ve taken quite a few projects helping nonprofits, or small community groups with their websites, Facebook pages, setting them up on google apps, or helping them think through what it means to be using social media in their work… but I, like you, am forever dreaming of the day when ill be doing this exciting stuff and keeping the lights on, so to speak.

    so good luck to you on your Christmas wish, and spreading the joy of the interwebs 🙂

    • jenharris Says:

      Good luck to you to & thanks for the post. I have been doing this “social media stuff” for four years now and if I can drag my kids around to all the fun places in town (and they can have their nuggets) I might as well help out as many people as I can! Yes, hoping for a paying gig, but I will be happy with giving it away for now.

  9. Priscilla Says:

    Wish I could help you out… I could use some help in the efficiency department, I’m spending a lot of time trying to navigate and optimize SM. Anyway, found your site via a Chris Brogan tweet – glad I did!

  10. Bethany Says:

    Outstanding! You have a great blog, I look forward to connecting more.

  11. LizzieB Says:

    Jen, I found this post thanks to a chrisbrogan tweet. I love your honesty, sense of humor and your wealth of knowledge.
    I’m a mom struggling to re-enter the workforce. But trying to break back into the tv reporting business isn’t easy. So I decided to launch a video blog to keep my skills up to date and hopefully eventually land some work. Would love if you could check it out and let me know what you think (or not). I need all the SM help I can get. Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing all your great tips!

  12. Mariano Says:

    Hey Jen,

    What a great post (thanks to @chrisbrogan for pointing it out). You have a great attitude and I love your approach. I have a feeling you’re going to be getting a lot of offers now! If I have a project where I can use you, I’d certainly let you know…but good luck for now! Let us know if you find anything that fits perfectly!

  13. Are Morch Says:

    Hi Jen.. and yeah thanks to @chrisbrogan I ended here too.. Hope your Karma or Santa kicks in and gives you what you want for Xmas… All I ask for this year is to have my Karma kick in so I can kick ass.. and get my new Social Media/Blog Strategy done by mid January 2010.. My strong coffee will get you wired for the rest of the day..

    If Santa or my Karma kicks in then I might be a nice guy all next Year.. but don’t tell my spouse yet..

    I Tweet Santa for you..

    Cheers.. Are

  14. Alex Duque Says:

    Hi Jen,
    Awesome post, I learn about your site through a tweet from chris brogan. I’m really interested in your offer. I recently was let go from my job and have spent my time helping my wife with her fashion line. I would love an oportunity to discuss social media strategies for her site and company.we are a very small company and two years in the making. Any help would be greatly appreciated and of course compensated with as much nuggets and coffee that we can provide! Lol! Thanks again!

  15. Wow! Jen, isn’t it amazing how a simple “Now this is clever” from Chris Brogan can evoke such a response. It is “clever” and brilliant. I just started a new position myself and believe me If you lived closer to Toronto I would have you so full of caffeine and the twins so full of chicken nuggets none of you would be able to move. I’m sure your stocking will be filled with offers soon and that your karma will be fulfilled.

  16. Michael Boss Says:

    This post reminds me of how much I miss working with you, Jen. Time to do some scheming.

  17. Kathy Says:

    Wow, I just read all the comments all good stuff. Thanks and good luck I will be following.

  18. Jorge Fusaro Says:

    Great post Jen! I’m in the same boat, hoping for an “indefinite break” from business (not golf 🙂 and get back into a marketing dept with some smart minds who want to do some crazy/innovative stuff with digital/social media. I miss those days. And the regular monthly check. And being caffeinated in the company of friends, not solo at my nyc home office.

    PS: I don’t have twins, but my sis is about to have some in a couple of months. I am starting to get a hint of what that looks like…my best to you!!!

  19. marciet Says:

    And a merry Christmas to you too!!! Would love to have coffee with you and our kids can go nuts over chicken nuggets together. Don’t need a social media strategy as I do pretty much the same thing you do …but it sounds like you’d be cool to hang out with. 🙂


  20. marie Says:

    I would love to take you up on your offer.

    I follow Lifestyle Designers, Social Media Gurus, etc. but am having a hard time sitting down and simply starting my blog. I think it’s mostly due to a fear of all of the other things (FB, twitter, etc.) that I should be doing simultaneously. I need a plan! I look forward to hearing from you.


  21. Joe Says:

    Hey Jen,

    Send me an e-mail. I would like to talk to you more about social media and how we can use it in our company. I’ll definitely buy you lunch!

  22. Angela Says:

    You just “killed me with my own song” I graduated 2 years ago after staying home and raising kids. PR is a place where you HAVE to KNOW people, after being home for 11 years the only person I know is a school bus driver. I put my big gurl panties on and made my way on Twitter, networked and got an interview! A rejection letter followed and now I feel like I’m back to square one. Monday I begin phase two… The Jen Plan! Thanks!

  23. Tammy Marr Says:

    Hi Jen,
    Ready to buy you a cup of coffee and nuggets, also willing to trade if we can get you hovering any were near a massage table. Tammy 703-1098
    Im starving to death and am about to loose working at what i love doing and am most passionate about.

  24. James Says:

    Your blog says you have a “new business plan”… well, I need some non-profit advice!

    I am a high school business teacher, working in Asotin Wa, and I have some students who are competing in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) delivering a presentation. The topic is: how a business can communicate with its customers through social networking and microblogging. Tips, mistakes to avoid, privacy issues, etc. These three are creating a presentation on this topic. I have already given them foundation knowledge on CustEvang, and a few ideas for facebook marketing, but they need a real expert.

    The Request:
    Can these students contact you with relevant questions? Could you give feedback on their project?

    Either way, best of luck with the new job!


    James Finkbeiner, Business Education
    Asotin, Wa
    My site:
    (sorry, no “real” address yet)

  25. […] Ahem. I had to do something to get the needle to move so I put myself out there and said “I’ll give ‘it’ away for free- if you buy me coffee and my twins chicken nuggets”. I finally had some interest! Most ping […]

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