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Top 5 FaceBook Marketing Do’s October 19, 2009

Filed under: social media,Tip of the Day — jenharris @ 2:26 pm

1.  Do think outside of your “well, this is what I would do with traditional promotions…it has to work the same on FaceBook, right?” box.  Don’t be a one hit wonder with the SAME PROMO over & over & over.  Branch out my friend, how ELSE can you interact (meaning more than ONE way) with your current & potential clients?

2.  Do send a thank you (and a coupon or customer of the day award or business spotlight) when you receive a friend request…they friended YOU, not the other way around…don’t you think that should be treated with a bit more special sauce?

3.  Do think.  If you are a daycare, don’t talk to people (as the daycare) about the type of drinks you had and how wasted you were the night before.  Come on…really?

4.  Do Interact, interact, interact.  That’s why it is called “social” networking…not “billboard” networking. (see a funny blog from Lisa D Jenkins here that states the ugly truth).

5.  Do have a reader that has a file of all your “friends” blogs.  What a great way to promote your clients and introduce them to others?

6-10.  What do you do on FaceBook as a business that helps promote others or your own business that is not icky and intrusive?



7 Responses to “Top 5 FaceBook Marketing Do’s”

  1. Good points all. Now – if Facebook would just alert you whenever you get a new Fan, or whenever a Fan makes a comment on your Fan Page (like they do with personal pages), we’d be doing even better!

    Phyllis Neill

    • jenharris Says:

      Hi Phyllis!
      Your comment landed in the spam can & I just noticed it today. I am checking out your site & I love that you are the one and only SM marketing company…I know the feeling~!
      Good luck & thanks again for the comment!

  2. Once again, great job Jen! Reiteration of messages like this to the small business, or large for that matter, go a long way.

  3. Jen,
    As always, a great post. I think one of the hardest things to help businesses understand is the value of promoting others to create value for their Facebook community. Focusing on others may seem like it would dilute impact, but it tends builds a stronger relationship with your followers than Talking At Them. I convinced a client of mine to make it their business to offer daily 5-day weather forecasts and updates on local events in addition to posting their sales oriented content. They are quickly becoming a go-to resource for their community.

  4. Jen~ Great post on using Facebook! Are we friends there? if not we should connect…

  5. Ricardo Says:

    Very interesting the idea of promoting others to, in the end, get noticed to more people. I think we can compare to real life. Don’t we hate people that talk only about them selves all the time? I think after a long time of “self promotional marketing” the social marketing will save us from “we are the best and this is what I do” :p

    does that make sense?


    • jenharris Says:

      Thanks for the comment & yes, that does make sense! There is a bank here in town that does 90 second radio infomercials on their clients…and I listen & would be their client if I was in the business of running my own business! 🙂

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