Yes, I DO hate my bank's checking account!
Yes, I DO hate my bank's checking account!

My husband brought home a bank flyer from Addison Avenue, his credit union at HP. (bad cell phone pic on left) and I fell in love with the marketing due to the copy and the design.  Not the offerings (not yet, at least).

I love this marketing and I want to share with you why: I am a Gen X’r gosh darnit and I am sick of seeing marketing material geared to the Boomers-this is FOR ME!!  When I first read the copy, I had to smile and say “all right, all right, all right!” (And if you say it like David Wooderson, even better).  There is nothing on this that would appeal to my parent’s generation. No fluffy words, no coddling about how I am important to them nor that they know who keeps them in business.  All that fluff is just that-a bunch of fluffy no duh.

My friends are going to tell me the soft mushy stuff about a business – I want to know if you know me & what I am going through. Case in point:

“Admit it, you hate your bank’s checking account – it’s time to kick the habit”.

YEA! Tell me like it is!  It’s about time!  The inside copy is just as real when it comes to their offerings about ATM Fees compared to the other guys (aka: the same bank I had in college):

“Get real. We refund all the ATM fees you incur, so you can use any ATM in the US for free.”

Yea, get real big banks! Quit filling me with your magic marketing words that doesn’t distinguish you between every other bank nor me from every other person out there.  Reality is: all banks do the same thing. They keep your money, lend it out and you get the priviledge of keeping it there between pay checks.  But they spoke to me in my language – a no BS, give it to me the way it is, kind of way.

The colors: wow, the colors. It’s a cross between a Pottery Barn catalog (nummy) and a what a hip, post-grunge bar would look like. Boo-ya.

Be real or be the same. I don’t even have to go to the website to know that this is the bank for ME!! Thank you Addison, you are speaking my language, reality. (Pretty funny stuff though:  “I learned it from YOU Dad, I learned it to you”) – beautiful.

By the way: this type of marketing is NOT for every business…but Addison has specifically and with-out a doubt decided to go after a demographic that is ACHING to belong to something and have something of our own.  Kudos.