To my shock and preconceived notions that I have of WalMart, I was pleasantly surprised on my not-so-common shopping trip to the giant superstore on Sunday.

I was power-shopping with three kids (I had miserably failed the previous day and turned around with-out anything in my cart) and I was determined to get my stuff and get out.  First on the list: a shelf that stuff can also hang from (similar to what I did in my daughters room the week prior).  I was looking and looking and looking…and then a WalMart employee actually stopped and asked ME if she could help me find something!!!!!  I explained what I needed and she took me 3 isles over to EXACTLY what I was looking for…I got help at a WalMart with out asking for it! Wow.

Our list was now complete, kids were doing ok and we headed for the check out.  The twins were in the basket (hint: the carts where toddlers can “drive” and not disturb me- IDEAL, just so you know) and the new shelf and eggs were below out of reach of a disaster in the making.  There was a guy waiting, we pulled up and unloaded.  He checked the eggs…one was seriously broken.  He looked at my situation & deep into my eyes of “awwww maaannnn!” and said: “how about 11 eggs for free”.  I wanted to kiss him.  What a great idea – taking care of me, when I needed taken care of.

I will seriously re-consider my aversions to WalMart and take advantage of future interactions with nice employees.  Thank you WalMart.