Yes, I love the ShamWow.  If you are a parent with small kids and messy faces, you need the ShamWow.

My fabulous Mother-in-law bought them for us for Christmas this past year and my husband and I giggled…what on earth are we going to use these for?  We don’t wax cars (and according to my Dad, don’t use them on your car – it leaves a film) nor do we drink soda, so there is no chance of it spilling on the carpet – what do we do?  We put them in the closet and they sat for six months.

Our vacation this year was spent at my Mother-in-law’s in Steamboat Springs…and she had the ShamWow.  The little blue towels were being used as an all purpose kitchen towel mainly when it was wet.  We used them on the kids messy faces and they were hands down the softest, easiest way to clean a face and sticky hands after a meal.

When we got home, we broke the suckers out and have used them each and every day since.  They wash really easily and don’t fall apart.  The big yellow towel has been great to use under the dish drying rack as well.

Thank you Judy, sorry we giggled – we love our ShamWow.