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New Job: Cat Herder August 31, 2009

Filed under: Unemployed — jenharris @ 11:16 am

Picture 183Today is it.  Today is the last day before I become a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)  Me, who would of thunk it?

This might sound cold and I should probably feel guilty about this, but I don’t want to be a SAHM! I want to work, contribute & bring home a paycheck.  I love-love-love-love our twins (Ella’s in 1st grade, so she is not with us all day) but I truly believe that they become better people because they are exposed to so many things that I can not offer them.  I am so worried that they will get sick of me and I will be so tired of being “Mom” that I won’t be a good Mom to Ella, a great wife to Greg & great Mom that I know I am, to them.  *sigh*

But here is what will happen:

I will be an awesome SAHM.  I won’t “work” while they sit in front of the TV or I just let them play around.  If I am going to be at home, they are going to get sick of me interacting and teaching them how to be better people, better artists, better athletes, better 2-yr olds…in the most loving way of course.

So, you won’t hear from me on Twitter, FaceBook, your blog etc as much during the day…but I will still be here.  I will be blogging still, but it might be about my favorite toy, kid event or new shaving product, where I will most likely write out a social media marketing plan for them.  The faucet will never be turned off!

Yes, I am still looking for that full time gig & eagerly wanting to start at the drop of a hat…but my kiddos are now first & I am thrilled to be able to spend this time with them & teach them what I know (twin-twitter accounts?) so stick with me, don’t forget me & I will see you soon.



2 Responses to “New Job: Cat Herder”

  1. Jen – kudos to you my friend, and no, it is not cold – I think “it is what it is for our kids” and “we make what we make of it” …my 21 yr old is a good example of the value of a working mom, she is confident, social, caring about others and on an on… but, when you can do what you’re doing right now, take every advantage!! Talk to you soon!

  2. You are going to be a great SAHM, and you have my sincere admiration for the effort. I love my work, but I truly believe that the time I spent at home with my kids has helped shape them into the amazing, other-oriented, diversified people they are; it’s really gift – enjoy it!

    I’ll watch for you on Twitter 🙂

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