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The Twitter Cess Pool August 27, 2009

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Nice, Green & Gooey!  Jump In!

Nice, Green & Gooey! Jump In!

I write a lot about Twitter….as do a bazillion other people, but I had an Epiphany yesterday a while back that I haven’t seen anywhere yet…so please let me know if you think I am way off base or right on.

The Twitter Cess Pool
If you have an Auto DM set up to automatically follow anyone that follows you, have you ever thought of how many people are doing the same thing to you?
My guess is that you also just “push” info and don’t engage much, which means you probably don’t search for listen to people wanting & needing your help either.  Wow, can you say “missed opportunity”?

So, if you are guilty of any of this…either keep doing what you are doing & you will soon quit (C-Ya!) because you don’t “get it” and are not seeing any results from being on this Twitter thing….
you will change your ways by getting a social media strategy, engage with people & listen to the public…aka: your current & future customers.

Good luck…and get in the pool with the cool kids, there is plenty of room!


One Response to “The Twitter Cess Pool”

  1. Hi Jen,
    Just came across this website and your post – I love it! I’m actually writing a fairly provcative blog series on Twitter’s pros/cons and especially relative to mobile so I’m glad to read your point of view.

    Interestingly, I started doing more with Twitter but feel it’s too much “push content” and not enough “help out” so as you note, I’ll be switching to listening more and responding.

    In general, Twitter is an investment of time that many/most small businesses will find difficult to prove out. In my case since my service appeals to those comfortable with new technology, it’s a natural fit.

    Anyway wanted to say hello. Good luck with the mommy thing too.

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