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How I use Utterli August 4, 2009

utterliAll the rage right now is Posterous for their backward cross posting aggrigation.  I love the premise & can’t wait to start using it, just other things to conquer right now (j.o.b being one).

The cross posting tools in Utterli are fantastic for sending text, audio, video & still pictures to your blog.  When we (Mike Boss & I) were at MPC Computers we used Utterli (what was then called Utterz) for this very reason to reach out to publication editors at one education/tech conference in particular.  Mike set up interviews with editors to talk about the changing hardware needs of the education market and where they saw the need for certain pieces in the future.  After the interview (which he recorded for a future pod cast) he would take a picture of the editor, with text & send a “voice mail” with-in 10 minutes of each other & it would show up on Mike’s blog as one post.

In doing this and nurturing other relationships via email and Twitter, Mike was able to get MPC off of the blacklist & get coverage in an industry magazine (physical & web) with-out “paying” for it.  Traditionally, MPC would spend their media dollars (around $250,000) to get the inside front cover of a magazine & a few banner ads on the website.  ROI sucked.  Honestly, I don’t know the end result ROI of Mike creating relationships…but it was a whole lot cheaper than $250k!

On a personal level, I use Utterli for my personal blog for the Grandparents.  I take pictures of the kiddos on my Blackberry & send it and audio to the family blog at least 3 times a week.  The kids sing Happy Birthday, tell of their first poops on the potty & I just recently let them jabber in the background for a few minutes on the ride home.  Grandma said she felt like she was in the car & how nice it was for me to share something like that with her.  🙂

How can you cross post to your blog to engage others on a daily basis & make them feel like they are “right there”?


3 Responses to “How I use Utterli”

  1. Michael Boss Says:

    Thanks for the acknowledgment, Jen. God, I miss those days! I should also note that in terms of the impact of social media tools like Utterli (Utterz) on traditional PR, my experience was that in becoming our own media source for MPC’s customers, we transformed our relationship with the trade media folks to that of content collaborators. This may seem like merely an interesting nuance…to anyone, that is, that hasn’t been in the position of trying to gain mindshare with media audiences. The editors I met with might not have been interested in a stock PowerPoint presentation on MPC, but they sure as heck were happy to share their take on industry trends with our customers…who also happened to be their audience as well. It was a sure fire way to build relationships that was more collaborative than intrusive — which takes us back to the power of SM to begin with, right?

    • jenharris Says:

      You were amazing at that job Mike! If only…well, I am not going to get into the “what if’s”.
      But “what if” we could work together again!!!??? We make a great team!

  2. Eric Says:

    I’ve been using Utterli for awhile but I find it so devoid of actual engagement. Of course, that could just be me, but mostly it seems like a self-publishing platform…one that’s getting abused pretty badly.

    I’m an early podcaster and when I ran across Utterli, I was amazed at how they’d simplified the process…now I could just “phone it in”, literally. But with so little engagement (even with the Facebook notifications) I use it now mostly just to have fun and be silly.

    – e

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