Monday night we watched 2 segments of a 3 part documentary series on the Discovery Channel highlighting the Pacific Ocean called Wild Pacific, voiced over by Mike Rowe. One segment struck me right where my heart lies, preserving (while harvesting) the mass amounts of food that is available in our oceans through sustainable means (vs. raping the ocean of young fish that have not yet reached sexual maturity, therefore eliminating the next generation)…and I am off my soapbox, for now.

The overfishing issue in our Pacific Ocean is huge, and I want to make sure that the fish I buy is sustainable and supports companies that don’t overfish (this would be the raping of the ocean that I spoke about earlier).

  • Where can I go on Discovery Channel’s site that will give me the name of the companies that were highlighted in their series?  And can I order from them?
  • Where can I go on Discovery Channel’s site that will allow my voice to be heard so these companies can start to be regulated?
  • Where can I go on Discovery Channel’s site that gives me more information on where to shop locally for sustainable Pacific Tuna?
  • Where is their community/forum where all this is possible?  They should start by talking to Lithium.

So despite my soapbox moment (thank you for reading this far w/o throwing a dead spotted owl at me that you just happen to hit in your pick-em-up truck with the gun rack on the back & the “get-er done” bumper sitcker) I would love to see the Discovery Channel take their voice up a notch.  Allow us to participate (not rant) and learn more.  My Dad use to call it “The Educational Channel”…I want to see that developed to where we have a place to go, learn, share and be educated to make the lives of my children better.

Oh and by the way…I am soooo available to head this up. *ahem*