Using Social Media and brand awareness in the same sentence is, in my humble opinion, a translation of “I don’t know how to use social media to connect with people, so I will just keep yelling at them with this new medium asking:


If your goal of any social media platform is to gain “brand awareness” and your strategy is to just put out updates on what the company is doing, you are making a huge mistake.  Who wants to listen to that? (my guess is you probably ignore that type of false engagement as well…why would your customers like it?)

Listen, listen and did I mention…listen?  Ask questions, embrace opinions, engage in dialog.  Be a HUMAN.

I understand having people know your brand, but wouldn’t it be better if those that really know your brand be the ones to sell it to their friends?  Brand awareness will happen through customer experience and those that will sell your brand are those with the best experience.  So, focus on their experience & the awareness will be authentic and real – not shoved down our throat.