Your Marketing and Your Coffee


hmmmm...the perfect love
hmmmm...the perfect love

How do we know how long to stick our cold, day old (wait…two day old) coffee in the microwave?


It’s a crap shoot in the beginning.  We don’t know the power of the microwave (home vs. office), we don’t know how the container will react to the microwave in the re-heating of the brew.  We don’t know other factors that will determine the outcome we desire…a nice, hot, stimulating, eye-popping cup of coffee.  And yes, this is how I feel about coffee…every morning & about 3pm every day. 😉

What about marketing?  We try our best shot by evaluating all the materials given to us, researched by us, and of course by what the client says…but in the end…isn’t it a crap shoot as well?  Sometimes (and in this analogy of the day) I don’t think it is anymore…well 87% of the time it isn’t!

Because I feel as though I know a lot of tools (“tools” being the word used in groundswell) & how they thrive, beat & pulse; I feel as though I can recommend a client to a certain tool to enhance their presence on the web….the social web that is.

Back to coffee…

Someone just recently told me that they only thought I knew Twitter…yes, I could be considered a Twitter Whore at times, but I have been doing this “stuff” for almost four years now and have implemented inside of corporations as well helped individual entrepreneurs.  I have had my scolding hot cup with ice cold coffee in it.  I have had my nuclear hot coffee that had to be watered down…and then there are those days that I finally figured out the right timing where my coffee is perfect. 

It’s all trial & error and I am so glad that I “think” I have it down to a nice cup of joe with-in a 30 second time frame.

Thorny Vine vs. Jen


The "After" Shot
The "After" Shot

Having 3 kids under 5 makes it a bit tough sometimes to do yard work during “waking” hours.  Therefore,  pulling weeds & pruning thorny-vine-type bushes, that could poke the eye out of anyone walking up to our house, has to wait until after 8:30 pm.  

So, there I am digging through this pesky little eye poker when I have a marketing revelation! (last time a revelation popped into my head I was cleaning toilets and the time before that the tub).  A little background on this damn vine/bush.  It has these beautiful little red, winter berries for the birds and are attached to the thorniest vines that a few have seemed to die off for some reason.  The new growth is malleable, soft, green & contains no thorns.

So, how does this relate to marketing….ahhh, welcome to the world of analogies!

The malleable, green, new growth represents the companies and individuals that have realized that Social Media is now crucial to their lively hood as a business owners and are taking action (and of course there is a “right way” to engage as a business…maybe I will write that after a good scrubbin’ of the ‘fridge this weekend).

The thorny, dead, refuse-to-be-cut, poke-your-eye-out vines are just that.  The thorny, “you will not take me alive”, old marketing curmudgeons that think that this “social media thing” is a fad because they don’t understand/know how to sell it to their customers.  They still think in “brand awareness campaigns” & sell tactics on how many eyeballs see a product.  Rather than how to engage potential customers, gather data & insight from current evangelists and build relationships for a stronger brand.

That’s ok…the bush got trimmed & all the dead branches are now gone.  Yes, I got poked & blood was drawn…but in the end, I won.

We The Tweeple – Boise Style

Deacon Mike
Deacon Boss

My dear friend, Mike Boss, is now doing a 10 minute pod-cast series with local Boise Tweeple about…Twitter! More than 140 characters…with sound!

Yes, this is a bit of an ego push since Mike made me his first…but more of a thank you to him & a push for you to sample his amazing writing.  He writes & pod-casts about local eateries with Behind The Menu as well as writes about local businesses in TechTalks, blogs for the IBR, and is just an overall great guy.

Look out, he could be writing about you soon…and you will be glad he did.