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My Move From Consilio June 29, 2009

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Off We Go!

Off We Go!

The time has come for the birdie to leave the nest.  Rochelle DeLong took me under her wing and brought me into Consilio in March to not only help her company learn, promote and market with social media but to have a place for small businesses to turn to for help getting into social media that wouldn’t cost them an arm and leg.

She helped me release the fear that I have had about opening up my own company and start helping the people step into the pool with all this social computing “stuff”!  🙂

Ideally, I would love to be inside a company and really get my teeth into their soul and bring it to the masses…but those positions are only just now starting to emerge and corporations and still skeptical of adding a full time social media gal to their payroll.  Which we all know is completely foolish…better to be on the 8 ball than behind it at this point.  IMHO.  🙂  But, let me say, there are smart companies out there that are hiring – good job!

Tuesday is my last day.  Rochelle and I are working out who goes “with me” etc.  There are things that she can do, things that I can do & we will be working that out.  I will still be working for her as their internal social media gal doing strategy, management & rallying for them.  I will also be part of her network of contractors that makes her & her company just absolutely amazing.

Her business model is to help small businesses with the thinking that outsourcing is the best model.  Do what you are good at…and don’t worry about the things you are not.  But at the same time she teaches you to be aware, be a smart business owner & learn how to grow yourself & your business to reach your goals.  She is not a coach for your business, she is a paramedic & a neurologist.

Thank you Rochelle, I couldn’t ask for a better 4 months of work to learn more about myself as a human being, a parent, a wife and a friend.  You make people be good at being human.



8 Responses to “My Move From Consilio”

  1. Kimber Ericksen Says:


    I was just talking about you and your area of expertise with a good friend of mine and marketing creative who I think would be an asset to your network. The two of you NEED to meet. She has some great projects, resources and ideas that might be a good fit for what you are doing.
    KK Lipsey. Keep me posted!

    Your fan,

    • jenharris Says:

      Thanks Kimber!
      I edited your post so that KK’s email was not included…don’t want those spam bots to get ya….and who needs MORE little blue pills anyway! 🙂
      Thanks for the kind words & the referral, I just emailed her!

  2. How exciting! I love small business and always get excited at the idea of people venturing off to start their own businesses. I’m excited to hear about the journey.

    • jenharris Says:

      Yes, very exciting & scary at the same time. Like I said, ideally I want to sink my teeth into a company that sees my value in the long haul. Any consultants fear is the “we don’t need you this month” conversation because they think they can handle things on their own…I have seen it too many times! So, in the meantime I will be doing what I do best, which is teach SM to the fullest extent.

  3. BJS Says:

    We are continuing to do more in this space.
    Perhaps you can help us.

    • jenharris Says:

      I would love to meet with you…sent you an email earlier tonight & I look forward to meeting you!

  4. Judy Harris Says:

    Best wishes for your new adventure, Jen. You will do well whatever you decide to do!

  5. Jason Romrell Says:

    Best of success Jen. Its fun following you on Twitter and learning from you, whether you know it or not. Rochelle has been fortunate to have you and I’m equally convinced from what you wrote that you have been blessed and fortunate to have Rochelle. She’s a kick-butt biz builder.

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