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Sales Techniques are a Changing June 10, 2009

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Three years ago, this is how you got a client in the digital age:

It starts with that awkard first meeting with a new person.  In one hour (and at least two inturruptions) you get to know them, their family, their business on a deeper lever (because I have obviously checked out their website) and they get to know you.  You might set up another meeting to discuss what opportunities you can provide for them.  You go back and you both dig deeper, ask more questions, and seek out the opinions of others.   Your second meeting (at least 3 weeks down the road) you talk about the kind of work that you can bring to the table.  You get them a proposal, they ponder, your email got lost, you send it again & they decide to go with someone they have known for years.  Crap.  At least 5 weeks down the drain.

Fast forward to today with relationship selling on steroids….social networking.

I get to know you and close to 30 other people on a daily basis on our social network of choice.  I not only talk to you about you, but others chime in and are willing to give me valuable feedback on you, your practices, your ethics, morals, client stories and what kind of people you REALLY attract. I know what you are accomplishing or struggling with in your business, the type of family outings you attend, what you are reading, “thinking” and discussing with others.  I am a fly on the wall.  When we meet for coffee, I can either bring a detailed, finite proposal to you (due to my in-depth knowledge of your business and character) or seal the deal right then & there (this is usually the case!).

Do you get the difference now?  Doing business is faster, more efficient than ever with social networking & helps everyones bottom line.  Time is money, money is time…don’t waste your time hunting down the clients who won’t give you money.


2 Responses to “Sales Techniques are a Changing”

  1. Jana Briggs Says:

    This is one of the best, most relevant posts that you’ve ever done on the topic of social media. If “Joe the plumber” doesn’t get it now…he never will. Great job Jen! Thanks for the reminder.

    Side note: I went to a prospective client meeting once where the gentleman I was meeting with had done quite a bit of research on me already. Instead of working that into the discussion – he felt compelled to spout out little “facts” he’d learned in his discoveries. That honestly made it a little creepy.

    Lesson applied: When using what you discover on your quest for deeper knowledge – don’t plop out these little “facts”. Weave them into your proposal and discuss them nonchalantly. What you find is background information, it will only bring you closer to knowing and understanding the other person.

    • jenharris Says:

      Thanks Jana!
      I would like to thank Jason Williams at Volt for inspiring me. I love it when people ask me to write a quick post about “x”.
      And lesson learned indeed, thanks for sharing!

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