I have my Google Reader set up and categorized with the blogs of my Twitter followers & I love it.  It’s those smaller blogs out there that don’t live in the echo chamber of the big dawgs that gives me inspiration!  Hence this blog post! (my friend Tac Anderson blogged about this very thing, but I can’t find the article: it lived somewhere here).

Aneta Hall blogged yesterday about her Social Media Makeover this past year.  Newbie to Speaker in one short year!

Congrats Aneta!  This could be you, you just have to put yourself out there & learn.  Take a class, buy someonce lunch & consume as much as you can between bites….google it.  You can do this…you learned email, you learned other technology to make you better at what you do (aka: driven a car lately?…that was kinda hard at first too!)

Where will you be in a year?