When you clean your house, do you do the once a week, 10 minute, vaccuum to the edges and around stuff, kind of cleaning?  I do. Then about ever 6 weeks I move the furniture and find stuff that I missed weeks before.

Now don’t think that we live in an unkept house, because we don’t–you can’t even tell that we have three little munchkins running around–but they don’t clean in the corner or under the entryway table either.

When you market, do you just go to edges or do you go get those specks of dust hiding in the corner that really make a difference of knowing you hit the exact market for your product?  What do those specks of dust do and what do they represent?  You never just find one speck of dust, you find all the other specks of dust – JUST LIKE THEM.  You find a clump of dust, fur, hair, carpet fuzz & a lone Cheerio all in the same corner.  They represent the mother of all marketing niches: your perfect, hugely satifsfying, target audience of what makes an everyday clean a DEEP CLEAN.

What makes them the same? They ended up there and they are attracting stuff just like them.  You might have a Cherrio & carpet fuzz end up in the same place, but the point is–they ended up in the same place! And when you find it and clean it, that is when you get the uuber of all cleaning satisfaction!

Tip of the Day? Go to where your dust is and see who and what gathers there.  Engage with them in their territory, their comfort zone and talk their language.  If you continuously clean around the hiding places, you will never find that speck of golden dust that is YOUR perfect client.