Jen - with email.......
Jen - with email.......

At least for me, that is.
Is Email going to die? No, but it is going to be left for reminders rather than content.
Consilio and  Treasure Valley Consultants are working together to put on a webinar on May 27th (on DimDim highly recomended-no software downloads!) about Building A Strong Team based on the book Strenghth Finders and The Five Disfunctions of a Team.  


I have already lost emails, or rather I have lost emails in the shuffle of other emails in regard to who is doing what, where the content is going to live, how we are organizing, promoting etc, etc, etc.

Hello BaseCamp!  Everything lives here.  ToDo lists, content (in the form of a living document called the WriteBoard), milestones, logos, notes & due dates.  I don’t have to (nor should I) have to go anywhere else to find info out about this project.  Their are reminders that you can send via email about updates etc – which are, admitedly, nice – but they are quick spurts of info…not long drawn out “version 7” of copy that you thought already got the ok.

I am really looking forward to using my email as reminders rather than using it as a form of communication.  By doing this I have segmented who I work with in the easiest & fastet way that we would work together.  It’s about finding what works instead of forcing to use a systematic (and almost out-dated) way of doing things.  

Literally, I have a huge monkey off my back by not worrying about where “stuff” lives & if I labeled it correctly in my email or if I accidently deleted it instead of another promotion/spam email.

Anyone else using alternative platforms to get work done?