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Drop Your AutoDM’rs Day April 27, 2009

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My two (2) year Twitter anniversary is coming up on May 16th.  I want to do something BIG.  My most read blog on a daily basis is The Auto DM Question, I thought I would expand on this a bit.

First, what is an AutoDM? Most Tweeple use the AutoDM to automatically send a Direct Message to someone that starts following them back (you can not dm someone that is not following you first).  The thought is nice…but it just doesn’t ring to the true-ness of what Twitter started out to be and what it should be.  And yes, I am telling you how to use Twitter – at least for the AutoDM.

TweetLater is a site that has offers amazing FREE & subscription based Twitter services…one of them being the AutoDM.  They sell it as “send welcome DM’s to new followers”…which it should read…”send impersonal, unsolicited ads to people who follow you-they will never know it was automated!”  ARGH. 

My quick .02 = be personal.  Tweeple are OK if they don’t get a response/thank you for following them.  If you don’t have 10-15 minutes a day to check out your new followers to see who they REALLY are, don’t bother being on Twitter.

Enough of the rant – here is the mission…..

On May 16th, I am going to stop following all the tweeple who have sent me an AutoDM.  It will be a good spring cleaning of sorts.  Clean out all the riff-raff who think they can gain market-share by making Twitter automated.

My plea to TweetLater…please stop offering this service, it really devalues the overall goodness of Twitter – please be an advocate to all that is wonderful about Twitter & stop offering this service.

Are you in?  Take the poll & let me know!


7 Responses to “Drop Your AutoDM’rs Day”

  1. Jen,

    Great post. I completely agree with your position on Auto-DMing. I call it Twit-spam. Such services may be appropriate on other sites, but for Twitter, it truly undermines the value of one-on-one conversation. Count me in.

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  3. Jen,
    Yes, i agree. I hate DM’s…….i delete alot of the people that send them to me.

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