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The Twitter Cool Kids Moving On? April 20, 2009

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@ev & @Oprah...invading the cool kids space? Nah!

@ev & @Oprah...invading the cool kids space? Nah!

I am coming up on my Two year anniversary on Twitter…which means I an old in Twot years.



With Oprah (@Oprah) and Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) stiring up the Twitter Pot, there has been a lot of Tweeting the past 5 days about how Twitter will now change.  Twitter is now “main stream”, “the media” and “corporate America” have FINALLY caught on about this Twitter thing.  Us early adopters (or as a very smart fellow Twitter friend called us – “the cool kids”) must move on and find the next “thing”.  


Remember, Twitter and social media in general is OPT IN!  Phew! We don’t have to listen, pay attention, acknowledge, go around, delete, fast forward or act on anything we don’t want to.  So let the spammers fall into the Twitter Cess pool and keep AutoDMing and AutoFollowing each other – they will all be rich in just minutes a day.

I am not moving on and neither should you.  Stick around and keep your circle. You don’t HAVE to do ANYTHING!  You can still hang out in your moms basement in your underwear and Tweet away, we will still love you.


One Response to “The Twitter Cool Kids Moving On?”

  1. Great points, Jen! It seems like the early adopters are fearing the worst, but to your point, all they need to do is sit tight.

    My only concern continues to be that Twitter will be perceived as a gimmick or toy, and may scare some folks off — particularly business users.

    Only time will tell, right?


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