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Really? Did you HAVE to Tweet that? April 15, 2009

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I don’t get shocked easily & I am not a prude by any stretch of the word.  I can swear like a sailor, scratch like a dog, but I look damn good in 3 inch heels and  a smoking hot little black dress.  But why do you feel the need to swear IN CAPS due to issues you are having w/technology…dude, it’s not like you are in a plane that is crashing!

But I just saw this Tweet come through by @ScotteVest who lives in our great state of Idaho, but is not representing it well as a business owner at the moment.



A few people have told me about this guy and what a hard worker he is.  He does EVERYTHING on his own & doesn’t really like to hand things off.  No worries, we are all controll freaks here and there – but now he needs help.

I wish him luck.

UPDATE 4/16/09: Scott’s comment is below, thank you.  I also received 2 other comments from Scott fans, but only posted one – I was actually thinking they were employees, but it looks like they are just fans.  I Want to post the Tweets that came through to get your .02…is he sorry? Was I off base? Is that really his handle?

SCOTTEVEST Got scolded for inappropriate language on twitter yesterday very sorry

phuc_head @SCOTTEVEST i don’t think you owe an apology for “inappropriate” language because some people cannot handle reading “grown up words”

SCOTTEVEST @phuc_head i agree but saying i am sorry for the few people that were offended is very easy


11 Responses to “Really? Did you HAVE to Tweet that?”

  1. So, will there be a public flogging or is this it? (smile)

  2. jenharris Says:

    If he is good, then he will see this, apologize& we can all move on.
    But really, CAPS & CUSSING over a downed server for 300 people?
    Just saying, weigh your voice against what is happening: is it a server down moment or a PLANE crash moment (speaking VERY literally).

  3. Tamara Says:

    Ugh. I have noticed this (not by this guy) and it drives me nuts.

  4. Scott Jordan Says:

    I apologize for the inappropriate language. I was written in complete anger, and it was not over just 300 people on the site, but WAY more than that. In any event, I sincerely apologize for my language.


  5. kg Says:

    really? An entire blog post about a single word? I am disgusted that your morality need apply to a person that is not your child. Leave Scott alone to express himself however he chooses.

  6. Todd Norris Says:

    If, you don’t like seeing that language the just easily unfollow… how hard is that. I take it as he was frustrated, just started a secret sale and caused a flood of people coming to his site, and that took it down. It is not something he needs to apologize for. It is just a word, nothing more and nothing less. he could have said “FUZZY BUNNIES, MY WEBSITE WENT DOWN….” and it is t he same as saying “the F bomb” (a hate using “childish placeholders” instead of what i really mean to say, but i am not using the word, because i am afraid that my comment will get blocked if i do.) It is not the word that is the problem, it is the intent. ANYTHING tweeted or said out of anger, is the same thing as saying a “swear word” just because the person standing in front of you may not be offended by the word “Gosh” or “Darn” or “Fuzzy Bunnies” does not mean that you are not being as offensive is if you were to have just said the word that you meant to say. I don’t pull any punches when i mean to say a word, i just say that word AND i am actually proud that Scott expressed himself freely.

  7. jenharris Says:

    Hi Scott, thank you SO much for your reply – I was hoping you would find this & do so. I completely understand levels of frustration, especially when doing a webinar (I found the 300 number through one of your Tweets, btw).

    I also wanted to let you know that two other people posted & are on your side & that I should back off & let you say whatever you want on Twitter. I sent them both an email asking them if they still wanted me to post their comments even after you had apologized.

    Here is what I wrote them:

    Thank you for your blog post & I appreciate your candor.
    I wanted to ask you first – Scott posted an apology and I wanted to know if you still want me to post your response or not.
    Believe me, I don’t follow everyone & I understand the “if you don’t like it, don’t follow” mantra, but this was WAY out of character for him & I believed it needed to be addressed. Scott is selling himself as well as a product on Twitter. My thought is, if you would not say it in an open discussion among people who are POTENTIALLY going to buy your product, don’t say it during working hours on Twitter. I choose who I follow – & he does not seem to fit the “say whatever the hell I want to” crowd. I have much more respect for him now than I did 24 hours ago.
    I am more than happy to post your response, I do not believe in censorship as long as it is in good taste & doesn’t cross the line of ignorance.
    Let me know, I will wait for your response.

    So, thank you Scott & good luck.

  8. BoiseGuy Says:


    I think you were cool to post as you did. I think we all have a measure of freedom on the net and in public but I would like that people would add a measure of decency and propriety –, conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners

    Not wanting to be a prude either, but I would like to see our society return to a sense of civility

  9. Jason Vance Says:

    Really? You’re going to start policing the F-Bomb on twitter? Next step the grammar nazi? You’re starting sound like the people I live around whom were offended because I had a F*&# Bush sticker on my car. Sheesh…. Here’s what’s funny, I think that you have brought more attention to the “Tweet” than would have been if you would have just ignored it all together.

    Take the time to do a quick search for the “F-Bomb” on twitter. Sitting at my computer for 5 min showed that it was tweeted more than once a second.

    The issue of using “bad” word is not a question of censorship, but a question of morality. One person’s morals are another person’s explicative.

    Finally, if you don’t like what they have to say, use the nifty “Unfollow” button.


    Jason Vance

  10. Jen,

    Since you appear to have asked……Saw this comin’. With all due respect, I feel that the appropriate thing to do would have been to address this with Scott directly, done a general “watch your language when you Tweet post”, and called it all good. I agree with Jason that this has brought even more attention to the offending tweet and word in question. Unfortunately, it has brought most of that attention to your site. You know I love ya’, owe all my social media chops to do (such as they are (smile)), but I think this topic has run way beyond it’s course. Me, I’d hit the “delete” button (smile).


  11. jenharris Says:

    Hi All!
    Thanks for all the feedback, and no – “delete” is not an option, this will live on forever! 🙂
    I think it is a great discussion & even though my intent was to point to the fact that there is a time & place for such verbiage in a work environment (and yes, that is what Scott was doing), I love people’s opinions & will take them all into consideration for the future.
    Fuzzy Bunnies to you to. 🙂
    Thank you!

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