I don’t get shocked easily & I am not a prude by any stretch of the word.  I can swear like a sailor, scratch like a dog, but I look damn good in 3 inch heels and  a smoking hot little black dress.  But why do you feel the need to swear IN CAPS due to issues you are having w/technology…dude, it’s not like you are in a plane that is crashing!

But I just saw this Tweet come through by @ScotteVest who lives in our great state of Idaho, but is not representing it well as a business owner at the moment.



A few people have told me about this guy and what a hard worker he is.  He does EVERYTHING on his own & doesn’t really like to hand things off.  No worries, we are all controll freaks here and there – but now he needs help.

I wish him luck.

UPDATE 4/16/09: Scott’s comment is below, thank you.  I also received 2 other comments from Scott fans, but only posted one – I was actually thinking they were employees, but it looks like they are just fans.  I Want to post the Tweets that came through to get your .02…is he sorry? Was I off base? Is that really his handle?

SCOTTEVEST Got scolded for inappropriate language on twitter yesterday very sorry http://tinyurl.com/ce5x9d

phuc_head @SCOTTEVEST i don’t think you owe an apology for “inappropriate” language because some people cannot handle reading “grown up words”

SCOTTEVEST @phuc_head i agree but saying i am sorry for the few people that were offended is very easy