How to get a personalized FaceBook URL when they don’t offer one.

Thank You to Sascha Majcenic

There is no need to install a 3rd party application.
Facebook is not yet enabling “vanity” URL for your profiles but they “hope to make these URLs available (…) in the future.”
Until then you can do this:
1. Click on “home” then click on “profile”, you should see a URL like this in your address field:

2. Now copy that number, in this example 123456789.

3. The public URL for your Facebook page is then:

Put in your real first and last name in the above link and keep the hyphen as separator. Voila!
However, in order to be found by people who are not on Facebook yet, you would have to first make your profile publicly searchable by going to Privacy Settings -> Search. 

When you have your personal URL, make it trackable baby!  
Hint: Case Sensitive, took me 10 minutes to figure that out!

I use & I can’t tell you how it has made my online life justifiable!  You can customize a shortened URL, place it ANYWHERE you want (wordpress, FaceBook, Twitter (duh), LinkedIn, Communities etc) for optimal tracking.  So if you are using anything BUT, re-think & think how smart you will look when you can say “and then we received 80% of our hits from ONE post, which led to an increase in sales that day for a 45% conversion rate “.  
Just saying, makes you look cool!