In the spirit of #FollowFriday on Twitter, I would like to introduce you to five Tweeple that always catch my eye and why I think you might enjoy following them.  #FollowFriday is nice & all, but I like to hear from people why they think they are so great…here are my Tweeps!

@TacAnderson Tac introduced me to Twitter.  He is also the first person, outside of my husband, that I told I was pregnant with the twins.  He jumped up and gave me a great big hug—if you can hug, you can be my friend.  Oh, and he’s frickin’ brilliant.  He knows every new product, every cool kid knows him, follows him & wants to be him.  The thing is – he isn’t arrogant about his notority in the world of social media.  He is cool as a cucumber & genuine to the core.  And he doens’t owe me a coffee at all for this.  🙂

@MikeBoss Disclaimer: I set up Mike’s original Twitter account while we were at MPC Computers together.  Mike took the love of telling stories about food, his Middle East travels & his cats and turned that into relationships with computer and education publications that got MPC Computers off the “black ball list” (btw: that is not my quote, it is someone that was higher up the MPC food chain than me).  He didn’t have to buy the inside front cover to get a story or a quote from the publisher, he gave them content & value through stories, insights and heart felt comrodery with people.

@SaulColt  Saul is the Head of Magic (and self proclaimed Mayor or Twitter) at FreshBooks and he holds that position close to his heart & does it damn well!  My favorite part of following Saul on Twitter is that he is FUNNY!  His little insights about the cabbies he encounters, the food he is eating & the house he just lost make me laugh…and he responds back – kudos!  

@DirecTV  If you have DirecTV you MUST follow them.  They don’t tweet out that much but when they do it is valuable info…like when they offer free HBO!  Quick story: Our signal went out one night and my husband was on hold wiht them for 45 minutes (on that thing-a-ma-jiggy called a “phone”).  I had just started following them & gave it a crack – with in 8 minutes our signal was back!  

@SteveAMiller  My favorite part of his bio is his first line: Kelly’s Dad.  Won my heart right there.  Steve has given me advice during my most recent lay off & we have actually had a REAL phone call.  He has many years behind him in consulting in the marketing world and shares his knowledge & tidbits well….and he has a great band (jk-not THAT Steve Miller).