The Perfect Image
The Perfect Image

Boise is a hotbed of teachers and eager students.

It seems as though everywhere I turn, someone wants to learn about social media & how they can take advantage of “it” for their business. WaaaHoo!  

And boy or boy – are there teachers everywhere now!  Not complaining by any means – I am thrilled that people are actually asking (and wanting to pay) to learn what I (and my band of brothers) were trying to teach people about 3+ years ago.

Thank you people for finally getting it and wanting to learn!  Where were you 3 years ago!   🙂

Good luck to all the SM teachers out there (*ahem* – including myself).  Students, please remember the technology you choose to use  is about step 4 or 5 in understanding why you should use one cool technology over another.  Anyone who says differently-be weary.