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Proud to be a Social Media Teacher March 3, 2009

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The Perfect Image

The Perfect Image

Boise is a hotbed of teachers and eager students.

It seems as though everywhere I turn, someone wants to learn about social media & how they can take advantage of “it” for their business. WaaaHoo!  

And boy or boy – are there teachers everywhere now!  Not complaining by any means – I am thrilled that people are actually asking (and wanting to pay) to learn what I (and my band of brothers) were trying to teach people about 3+ years ago.

Thank you people for finally getting it and wanting to learn!  Where were you 3 years ago!   🙂

Good luck to all the SM teachers out there (*ahem* – including myself).  Students, please remember the technology you choose to use  is about step 4 or 5 in understanding why you should use one cool technology over another.  Anyone who says differently-be weary.


2 Responses to “Proud to be a Social Media Teacher”

  1. Very true Jen … it’s one of those double-edged swords. People are realizing that Social Media is not a fad anymore and ready to learn about it. Which is great! Especially for those brands that are already social and exciting offline!

    But with that market need also comes flocks of teachers stating they can teach you the basic of social media. I think I just saw the other day that Albertsons now offers Social Media specials! Either way it’s not that Social Media is that hard to learn or teach … you just need to be doing it for the right reasons and also have some teaching you that also believes that. And isn’t doing it to make a quick buck while the “fad” is hot.

    The same trend happened with real estate agents a couple years ago during the boom. Wonder where some of them went now?

  2. Jason Vance Says:

    Just like every new market opportunity, there is going to be an unusual number of people whom flock to the emerging trend as teachers, mentors and business owners to seize the opportunity before them. Social media is no exception. It’s how you separate yourself from the pack as the trend crosses the chasm.

    As for the real estate agents, isn’t there an unusual number of real estate agents in the Boise area that are now SM experts?

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