Twitter & WordPress are in LOVE!



It’s about time!


WordPress FINALLY has a Twitter widget that you don’t have to re-code someone elses tool & give up your 2nd child to do!

Whoo HOOO!

Love you WordPress, but this should have happened at least a year ago and should not have been so combursome for us non-uber geeks…but, thank you!  FYI: can you make it prettier? I bit 1.0 if you ask me…but I don’t want to look a gift bird in the mouth – again, thanks…but keep working on it.  😉

Check out Social Media Marketing Industry Report

For ANY business that has ever-ever-ever hesitated or is contemplating why they need social media…please take 6 minutes of your life & watch this video of a report that you can also download for free.  Your CEO/VC will thank you in the end.

And if you still balk at the thought of having someone inside your company dedicated to social media…see you in the dust my friend!

I want you to take a look at: Social Media Marketing Industry Report 

How to be Visually Stimulating on Twitter

Thank you Rochelle DeLong for the inspiration for this post.  Little Tid-bits here & there can make all the difference…IMHO that is.  🙂

Your Name

Or should I say: “YourName” and not “yourname”
I think you get the drift.  When picking out your Twitter handle, make it visualy stimulating to your brain…don’t make that poor little engine up above do any more work than it has to.  Capitalize like you usually would any other name so that when people are searching for you, they don’t see a gobbledegook of info.  Here is a quick funny from a forum of how web addresses should double check their capitalization wtih the same logic:

All of these are legitimate companies that didn’t spend quite enough
time considering how their online names might appear … and be misread.
These are not made up. Check them out yourself!1. “Who Represents” is where you can find the name of the agent that
represents any celebrity. Their Web site is

2. “Experts Exchange” is a knowledge base where programmers can exchange
advice and views at

3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than “Pen Island” at

4. Need a therapist? Try “Therapist Finder” at

5 There’s the “Italian Power Generator” company,

6. And don’t forget the “Mole Station Native Nursery” in New South

7. If you’re looking for IP computer software, there’s always

8. The “First Cumming Methodist Church” Web site is

9. And the designers at “Speed of Art” await you at their wacky Web

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a brain guru  by ANY stretch of the word, but I do understand how my brain sees things, therefore I am going to assume yours works the same way.  lucky you!

Happy Monday!

A Hands-On Twitter Workshop


I am thrilled to announc our first Hands-On Twitter Workshop here at Consilio (my new stomping grounds)!

This will be a class for those that say “I know I should be on Twitter, but I just don’t get how to use it” or “I want to use it better.”

I met a guy Friday night at Red Sky PR’s one year anniversary party (Congrats Jess & Crue’ by the way!) who said he had 600+ followers & he doesn’t know what to do with them or how to communicate with them – this class is for you!

There are also a ton of people in Boise that I have started following lately that have less than 10 tweets out & very few followers…don’t be scared – once you get the how to’s & why’s down, you will see the light…aka: have that Ah Ha moment that I love so much! – this class is for you!

Great question, thanks for asking!

Really hope to see you Wednesday or if that fills up another one in the coming weeks!
Facebook Invite: You can see the details here & link to the online sign up on EventBrite from here.

See you soon!

My New Working Venture

I have landed!

With out breaking into song & dance, I now have The Best of Both Worlds.

Being a rock star mom and wife is number one in my life while work allows me to express myself with the a path that I have found a pretty good niche in. I have found a job (or did they find me?) where I am able to be a mom and help a company communicate & market themselves to the right client.

I am now with Consilio and it’s sister company Perfect Order as their Communication Manager. I will be communicating about classes, services as well as assisting in internal marketing efforts.

This “Best of Both Worlds” opportunity is part of the revolution with the way working moms decide whether or not they should stay at home with their kids or fulfill their need to work and contribute to something that they are great at. All the while, being a rock star mom & wife.

I will also be out and about picking up new clients to give them my nurturing, hands on approach to social media all the while doing other “things” with my new working family.

#FollowFriday in +140 Characters

In the spirit of #FollowFriday on Twitter, I would like to introduce you to five Tweeple that always catch my eye and why I think you might enjoy following them.  #FollowFriday is nice & all, but I like to hear from people why they think they are so great…here are my Tweeps!

@TacAnderson Tac introduced me to Twitter.  He is also the first person, outside of my husband, that I told I was pregnant with the twins.  He jumped up and gave me a great big hug—if you can hug, you can be my friend.  Oh, and he’s frickin’ brilliant.  He knows every new product, every cool kid knows him, follows him & wants to be him.  The thing is – he isn’t arrogant about his notority in the world of social media.  He is cool as a cucumber & genuine to the core.  And he doens’t owe me a coffee at all for this.  🙂

@MikeBoss Disclaimer: I set up Mike’s original Twitter account while we were at MPC Computers together.  Mike took the love of telling stories about food, his Middle East travels & his cats and turned that into relationships with computer and education publications that got MPC Computers off the “black ball list” (btw: that is not my quote, it is someone that was higher up the MPC food chain than me).  He didn’t have to buy the inside front cover to get a story or a quote from the publisher, he gave them content & value through stories, insights and heart felt comrodery with people.

@SaulColt  Saul is the Head of Magic (and self proclaimed Mayor or Twitter) at FreshBooks and he holds that position close to his heart & does it damn well!  My favorite part of following Saul on Twitter is that he is FUNNY!  His little insights about the cabbies he encounters, the food he is eating & the house he just lost make me laugh…and he responds back – kudos!  

@DirecTV  If you have DirecTV you MUST follow them.  They don’t tweet out that much but when they do it is valuable info…like when they offer free HBO!  Quick story: Our signal went out one night and my husband was on hold wiht them for 45 minutes (on that thing-a-ma-jiggy called a “phone”).  I had just started following them & gave it a crack – with in 8 minutes our signal was back!  

@SteveAMiller  My favorite part of his bio is his first line: Kelly’s Dad.  Won my heart right there.  Steve has given me advice during my most recent lay off & we have actually had a REAL phone call.  He has many years behind him in consulting in the marketing world and shares his knowledge & tidbits well….and he has a great band (jk-not THAT Steve Miller).

Proud to be a Social Media Teacher


The Perfect Image
The Perfect Image

Boise is a hotbed of teachers and eager students.

It seems as though everywhere I turn, someone wants to learn about social media & how they can take advantage of “it” for their business. WaaaHoo!  

And boy or boy – are there teachers everywhere now!  Not complaining by any means – I am thrilled that people are actually asking (and wanting to pay) to learn what I (and my band of brothers) were trying to teach people about 3+ years ago.

Thank you people for finally getting it and wanting to learn!  Where were you 3 years ago!   🙂

Good luck to all the SM teachers out there (*ahem* – including myself).  Students, please remember the technology you choose to use  is about step 4 or 5 in understanding why you should use one cool technology over another.  Anyone who says differently-be weary.