The following message is in response to someone wanting me to do some social media work for their clients:

 I think there is a way for me to refer you clients that want there status updated and blogs taken care of.

Here is my response that I will hit send as soon as I hit “publish” here:

I would love to help you and your customers out…but I don’t believe in ghost status updating or ghost blog writing.

I believe in teaching people how to do social marketing, not do it for them. It would be like me going to a face:face networking event & pretending to be them – not truthful nor believable…and to be honest, those people will be exposed. The truth comes out with social media. Those that choose to fake it will not succeed.

Sorry for the bluntness, I just have principles when it comes to this. If you want me to teach, monitor & help them succeed, then sign me up! But I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I am basically lying to people about who I am. There is a difference between representation & doing someones work for them. Again, let me know what days/times you can get together this week & we can discuss further…just in case I read it wrong. thanks -jen

Am I wrong?  Am I writing my own ticket to waiting tables at IHOP?

How would you feel if you found out that Tac Anderson or Jeremiah Owyang doesn’t actually Tweet or blog their own stuff?   There is a difference between doing PR/marketing for someone & doing their work for them…right?  I don’t believe I am wrong here, insight from the older crowd is much appreciated.  🙂  Hello IHOP?