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Unemployed? Sorta. February 12, 2009

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On Tuesday the 10th, I was laid off at TSheets as Head of Social Media Sales and Marketing.

No worries.

I was at NAWBO that night & met the most amazing women. We talked about social media and how it can help increase conversations and of course relationships in business. Women get it. But that is a whole other blog…stay tuned.

With the encouragement of these wonderful women, I believe I am going to do the consulting “thing”.
I had my first meeting yesterday with Karen Meyer of Handyman Connection and she is just an amazing woman. Another possibility is brewing today and another one tomorrow.

Deep breath people….here we go!


6 Responses to “Unemployed? Sorta.”

  1. Tac Anderson Says:

    Condolences and Congrats, whichever you choose 🙂

    It’s an exciting time Jen and I’m sure you’ll do great. Best of luck.

  2. Good luck Jen. From what I see of your efforts in the Social Media realm, you’ll be an amazing and successful consultant! Try talking to the folks over at A Novel Adventure on 9th and Main – I think they’d be a perfect client.

  3. Ron Says:

    You’ve got a great blog, someone will snap you up before long.

  4. Kris Miller Says:

    You are on the right track Jen. This is the best thing that happened to you with the talent you have and the timing of the growing business trend of social media. Tsheets is in the inovation stage of technology adoption, so it would be difficult for anyone to sell that type of product to an audience of the early majority on social media adoption. However there are limitless products and services that are already widley accepted and will have much success when they find you.

  5. Jen – just came across this blog tonight and I love it. I’m adding it to my RSS feed. Great work.

    Consulting is a great business to be in. You clearly have the talent to do well. It will be fun to watch everything grow. Best of luck!

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