Happy is as Happy Does
Happy is as Happy Does

I was at Target this weekend picking up the usual odds & ends (socks, Valentines for the kiddos, laundry detergent…you know the sexy stuff that makes up motherhood) when I found a perfect little sign.


Here is why I bought it.
The first time I peered into the front windows of the house we would eventually buy, I knew it was the right one! The house had an entry way with windows, a bench & an arch that lead into the open floor plan.  So why did I want this house?…because my Martha told me so. What is “my Martha”?
It’s the part of me that wants to be Martha Stewart.
It’s the part of me that wants to hand make all of our seasonal wreaths, x-mas cards & put dry ice in the punch bowl at Halloween. It’s the part of me that wants to make perfect little snowman sugar cookies, beautiful Forth of July cakes & edible invitations to the Annual Harris Summer Bash.  I could envision this entry way with my home made wreath, soggy rain boots below the bench & thank you notes for the *fab* party we just threw displayed ever so perfectly on the iron card holder that I just finished welding in my new workshop.
Then reality kicks me in the teeth & it says….”honey, that’s why there is a a Target”.

I love being happy.  It’s not worth being grumpy, dissatisfied, angry, stressed or just a nag.  Who wants to be around that gem of a human being?
I came across this post today about Manifesting Happiness in Six Action Steps and it really hit home.
happy is good.
If you are not happy, why do you even try to pursue anything that does not encompass that one simple truth that gives you life?

What makes you happy?