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My Social Media Contribution to TSheets February 5, 2009

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Lets get past all the mushy-mushy feelings I have for social media and the organic ways it can develop a sense of being one with your customer, and talk the down-n-dirty for those that write the checks, here is what I do.  I’ve got your ROI right here….
I am your lead generator.
I am your online voice  (which can not be fixed w/a bad product-the two have to be cohesive)
I am your pitch
I am the “social media babe” that will bring you the people that WANT to be sold to
(btw: thanks Tac Anderson for labeling me that back in October-makes me laugh)
I am the one that the people will turn to for help
I am the one that is NOT a banner ad
I am a human being that is in the right place at the right time to sell your product…but in a happy, organic, Jen-istic, non-pressure way.  Shall we hug?

Because, who the hell wants to be sold to?
We want relationships, we want recommendations, we want real companies & not the (perceived or real) corrupt ways that have been running corporate America for WAY too long.
The power has turned to the people because of the internet and YOU CANT HIDE.
Social media will expose those that enter into the arena thinking of it as another notch on their marketing belt buckle. Those that opt in, listen, contribute & engage the customer…will win.


6 Responses to “My Social Media Contribution to TSheets”

  1. Hi Jen,

    This is my first ever post to a blog so I am trying to be very careful in making sure it is appropriate. Do not want to be exiled (smile). I agree that we all want relationships. Business or otherwise. I see social networking as one additional tool in my chest of goodies. It does not take the place of face to face meetings with clients or other face to face networking events. Each complements the other. All together they become extremely powerful. I don’t see them as replacing sales people (which is good as I are one (smile)), instead it changes the dynamic in a positive fashion and makes everybody’s job that much more enjoyable.

    Every business relationship is based to a very large degree on trust and, used in an appropriate manner, social networking helps to enhance this. It provides an important vehicle to developing those types of relationships which, as you properly point out, are earned.

    I don’t know. I read this like sales people will go the way of the dinosaur. Will there be room for us in the new world order? What position on the evolutionary chain will we occupy? (smile)



  2. bcritchfield Says:

    On the contrary, Craig. Social media is simply a way to stay in touch with prospects on a much more regular basis and build much deeper relationships. Having been in sales myself for the last 16 years, I can tell you that people like to buy from their friends. Social media helps you make more friends – plain and simple.

    As far as replacing face to face, I agree with you that it will not replace it, only enhance face to face meetings. Why do you think local “Tweet-Ups” are so well attended? People love to meet both online and off.

    I think Jen’s point is that social media is just the embodiment of a new reality in sales. You need to build friendships first, then help people buy. Pushy salesman is so 80’s!


  3. jenharris Says:

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback & great words.
    I think I am going to write a book on the new face of the salesman.
    Death of the traditional salesman is FINALLY here & the new salesman is in a relationship with you & you buy HIM coffee…because you are friends, not because you have to in order to get a sale.

  4. networksboise Says:

    Thanks, Folks! The first time I heard the term “Relationship Selling” was in 1990 when Jim Cathcart came out with his book……”Relationship Selling” (smile). It was pretty revolutionary at the time and so not 80’s (smile).

    Now then, the “buy from friends” argument has been around for a long time. And I agree that people like to buy from people they like but, if they like you but don’t have trust and confidence in you, that will trump “like” (smile). And you are all correct that it is about helping people buy vs. selling to them. And I do like the idea of a client buying me coffee (smile)

    This social media phenomena holds great interest for me. At the same time, it appears to be so massive that I do have concerns about it’s potential to actually take the relationship aspect out of selling. Please keep in mind that these are rhetorical questions rather than statements. I’m very new to all of this.

    Thanks so much for your input!


  5. Jen:

    I’ve had so many positive interactions since you introduced me to social networking I couldn’t begin to list them. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic nudging.

    Recently, I had a technical issue with an Adobe produce and after struggling with it on my own, I asked our Twitter community for assistance. Within a few minutes one of our local friends responded (@nipper, which I’m sure won’t surprise you) and then, within a minute or so, a representative of Adobe contacted me with a fix. Since I had not connected with @acrogirl before, I was pleasantly surprised. Adobe has people monitoring Twitter and don’t you know I have told that story many times. What great customer service!

    Jen, thanks for you social media leadership. You really are the Social Media Babe.

  6. mal Says:

    ya, i was staring at all the faceless wines deciding which to buy, then i saw one from a winery who’d subscribed to me in twitter today so i bought it. i don’t even know how they found me.

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