Principles Over Income?

The following message is in response to someone wanting me to do some social media work for their clients:

 I think there is a way for me to refer you clients that want there status updated and blogs taken care of.

Here is my response that I will hit send as soon as I hit “publish” here:

I would love to help you and your customers out…but I don’t believe in ghost status updating or ghost blog writing.

I believe in teaching people how to do social marketing, not do it for them. It would be like me going to a face:face networking event & pretending to be them – not truthful nor believable…and to be honest, those people will be exposed. The truth comes out with social media. Those that choose to fake it will not succeed.

Sorry for the bluntness, I just have principles when it comes to this. If you want me to teach, monitor & help them succeed, then sign me up! But I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I am basically lying to people about who I am. There is a difference between representation & doing someones work for them. Again, let me know what days/times you can get together this week & we can discuss further…just in case I read it wrong. thanks -jen

Am I wrong?  Am I writing my own ticket to waiting tables at IHOP?

How would you feel if you found out that Tac Anderson or Jeremiah Owyang doesn’t actually Tweet or blog their own stuff?   There is a difference between doing PR/marketing for someone & doing their work for them…right?  I don’t believe I am wrong here, insight from the older crowd is much appreciated.  🙂  Hello IHOP?

Boise Weekly TweetUp at Chef Lou’s

Thursday afternoon was a very well attended TweetUp at Chef Lou’s which was FANTASTIC!  I posted a TwitPic and got a few responses back that the room needs to be bigger.  The TweetUps keep getting bigger & bigger & bigger…way to go BOISE Tweeters!

Boise Weekly reporter @Lancetastic did a great job in capturing the questions and the emotions that Twitter newbies probably ask over & over in this video.

Note: I did not hit the camera once w/flailing hands OR arms.  TAADAAA!

Unemployed? Sorta.


On Tuesday the 10th, I was laid off at TSheets as Head of Social Media Sales and Marketing.

No worries.

I was at NAWBO that night & met the most amazing women. We talked about social media and how it can help increase conversations and of course relationships in business. Women get it. But that is a whole other blog…stay tuned.

With the encouragement of these wonderful women, I believe I am going to do the consulting “thing”.
I had my first meeting yesterday with Karen Meyer of Handyman Connection and she is just an amazing woman. Another possibility is brewing today and another one tomorrow.

Deep breath people….here we go!

Happy is a Good Thing

Happy is as Happy Does
Happy is as Happy Does

I was at Target this weekend picking up the usual odds & ends (socks, Valentines for the kiddos, laundry detergent…you know the sexy stuff that makes up motherhood) when I found a perfect little sign.


Here is why I bought it.
The first time I peered into the front windows of the house we would eventually buy, I knew it was the right one! The house had an entry way with windows, a bench & an arch that lead into the open floor plan.  So why did I want this house?…because my Martha told me so. What is “my Martha”?
It’s the part of me that wants to be Martha Stewart.
It’s the part of me that wants to hand make all of our seasonal wreaths, x-mas cards & put dry ice in the punch bowl at Halloween. It’s the part of me that wants to make perfect little snowman sugar cookies, beautiful Forth of July cakes & edible invitations to the Annual Harris Summer Bash.  I could envision this entry way with my home made wreath, soggy rain boots below the bench & thank you notes for the *fab* party we just threw displayed ever so perfectly on the iron card holder that I just finished welding in my new workshop.
Then reality kicks me in the teeth & it says….”honey, that’s why there is a a Target”.

I love being happy.  It’s not worth being grumpy, dissatisfied, angry, stressed or just a nag.  Who wants to be around that gem of a human being?
I came across this post today about Manifesting Happiness in Six Action Steps and it really hit home.
happy is good.
If you are not happy, why do you even try to pursue anything that does not encompass that one simple truth that gives you life?

What makes you happy?

My Social Media Contribution to TSheets

Lets get past all the mushy-mushy feelings I have for social media and the organic ways it can develop a sense of being one with your customer, and talk the down-n-dirty for those that write the checks, here is what I do.  I’ve got your ROI right here….
I am your lead generator.
I am your online voice  (which can not be fixed w/a bad product-the two have to be cohesive)
I am your pitch
I am the “social media babe” that will bring you the people that WANT to be sold to
(btw: thanks Tac Anderson for labeling me that back in October-makes me laugh)
I am the one that the people will turn to for help
I am the one that is NOT a banner ad
I am a human being that is in the right place at the right time to sell your product…but in a happy, organic, Jen-istic, non-pressure way.  Shall we hug?

Because, who the hell wants to be sold to?
We want relationships, we want recommendations, we want real companies & not the (perceived or real) corrupt ways that have been running corporate America for WAY too long.
The power has turned to the people because of the internet and YOU CANT HIDE.
Social media will expose those that enter into the arena thinking of it as another notch on their marketing belt buckle. Those that opt in, listen, contribute & engage the customer…will win.

If I Were New to Social Media…

I am thrilled to be speaking/teaching the basics of Social Media to the NetWorks! group today at the Sockeye Grill.
This is a value add for TSheets, so I am going to tell you how to get started with Social Media & the time it takes for one week.  (or I have plenty of friends that will charge you $100+/hour to get you going).
As I wrote last week, YOU are your marketing budget – this will be the best use of your time/money than any bus stop ad you will get.

Phase One: Getting “it”

  1. Google Reader.  Find your favorite people you love to read & be diligent in reading at least every other day.  Total time: 45 minutes
    1. who are the most influential in your field? get that feed
    2. what publications do you most admire? get that feed
    3. what are some fun things you are interested in? Google it &….get that feed
  2. Post relevant comments on others blogs.  Big NoNo: “That was a great article, Bob-thanks!”  (boring! & it does nothing for you & your future blog)  😉 – Total time: 30 minutes
  3. LinkedIn.  Yes, it is a big, fat Rolodex.  Ummm, why wouldn’t you want to be part of THE BIGGEST Rolodex in the world.  Remember, it’s not what you know, but who you know.
    1. Answers.  Answer at least three questions a week.  Could be all in one day – Total time: 20 minutes
    2. Ask a Question.
  4. Now stop. Evaluate. Is this for you? do you see the value of communicating online now? Investment for one week so far: 95 Minutes

Phase Two: Stepping in “it”

  1. Evaluate your commitment time.  Can you spend an additional 60 minutes a week blogging?  Can you see yourself contributing to the lives of others?  If not, that is OK!  Keep active in phase One & you will see the reward.
  2. What do you have to say?  Can you contribute to your readers in a way that is not pitchy?  Can you write with out selling?  What is YOUR value ad?
    1. fyi: my value ad to TSheets is that I represent the company when I go and speak to others about SM.
  3. WordPress.  Best blogging tool out there.  Huge possibilities to customize…for free.

Phase Three: Participating with “it”

  1. Tagging. There is a place for you to tag with those that are like you – promise.  Digg, Delicious. Diggo, Stumble Upon, Skirt…etc etc etc
    1. See what others are reading.
    2. Find new content to blog on
  2. Twitter.  Yes, this can be a HUGE time suck.  But it can also get you a job, get a new client, and find new friends.  Ask yourself this – how many 1:1 conversations do I have on a daily basis that can be observed by MANY.  One of those “many” might see something relevant in the fact that you just planted your organic garden & can’t wait for beet stew.  Will that fellow beet stew lover need your product? Meet for coffee (or webinar) and find out!

Weekly time Invested? Right about two and a half hours. What is your hourly rate?  What would this new marketing venture cost you a week? A month?
There is a ton to be said for having the right message, voice & touch out there.  This is where you want to invest your time in a coach, a marketing message or an industry expert.
If all you want to do is sell & pitch on any of these forums, please spend the $100+/hour and help someone guide you to see “it”.  Or not.  Marketing changes every 100 years, now is the time to start.

I could go on & on & on….but this is what a Social Media “Expert” would help you set up in a few hours.  I consider myself an enabler, not an expert – so I dish out for a latte.  🙂

Best Marketing Practices That Doubles as Art

For anyone that says they are in or around marketing you already know about HubSpot.

If you are just diving into this “new media stuff”, I highly recommend you spend the day -yes, the day- reading their blogs & watching their weekly wrap up. You will be self-subscribed expert by the end. 

First, check out this blog that asks the question and gives you a beautiful visual:

What are the best and worst marketing programs businesses have performed in the past year to drive sales leads?

The art is courtesy of Wordle & quite fun to play with and create your own word art for the day.