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So, it happened to me this weekend. I got a DM from a Twitter folower who I have had some conversations with and I subscribe to his blog, so I thought it was nice that he thought of me for this *funny*.  His DM made me curious, so I clicked on it-I deleted it yesterday just to be safe, but it was something like “Check out this funny blog”.  Well thank goodness for Chrome! It detected that it was a phishing scam & warned me that if I continue really, really bad things can happen (those are my words, not Google’s).


I tweeted this morning that this phishing scam could actually be a good thing for our Twitterverse.  Maybe it will stop people from sending out a tiny URL & an obscure line saying “this is funny” or “new post” or “Read my blog” or nothing at all (*ahem* @ajays).

My .02 on the Auto DM delima is this: Please do not have an Auto DM as a response if I start following you.  It is impersonal, fringes on rude & totally goes against the grain of the organic-ness of why Twitter was/is so great.

When this phishing scam came to light Saturday, it just empowered my stance that if you have a more genuine relationship with your followers, you might not be so easily fooled to click on these vague messages attached to phishy URL’s.  Again, I DID click on the vague phishing link that my follower sent me & I am now going to start engaging more on a personal level rather than re-tweets & my never ending need for caffeine.  

What are you doing to engage more in 2009 rather than having a Twitter Strategy?