I remember by dad turning 35. I was 8 or 9, he was OLD.
Is it weird to say that I don’t feel like I am 36 today? I don’t feel like the person I remember my dad looking like…you know, because they were so….OLD!
You are the age you feel “they” say. I have no idea what age I feel, because I love the way I feel & I think 36 should feel like this (thank you P90X). So maybe a little crazy has set in…but in my defense, I have 2 year old twins who have my number. Nuff said.
So how do you turn 36, 37 or 38?
Shot (or seven) of whiskey? Well, you are so NOT 26, 27 or 28 – so keep it to one – ok, maybe 2 if you get to sleep in the next day.
I am going to keep turning these numbers as if I don’t care. Because in reality, I don’t. If I can play tag with the kids (and still catch them), play volleyball (and keep up with the fresh faces), and not give in to the Botox (and why IS that add showing up on my FaceBook site?-damn targeted marketing) life will be good.
Maybe a shot of Chai in the morning, a shot of espresso at 3 & some good sushi at 6 will kick off a good year of family, friends, a killer job. Long live 36.