imagesYep, I broke my own rule & pimped TSheets too much in the Intuit Online Community and almost got the boot.  I was called to the carpet by Amy on Tuesday & I about cried.  That is just not what I am about & not what I stand for.  I am constantly telling people not to sell on Twitter, FaceBook etc…yet somehow I got caught up in stretching how I should “advise” people on time tracking.  So sorry Amy.

I appologized to Amy up and down & she invited me to still contribute, but where it is more appropriate.  Yes, anything…let me preach not only the fabulous time tracking system that is TSheets, but let me teach others about how to use social media.  I contributed to a great post today that someone asked “how do I set up online networks”.  Golden.  I didn’t just give .02, but more like $3.50.  I have been wanting to write how I use the big 3: LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter & I did so on this community.  

I really, really hope it helps people out.   I love this stuff & I want others to reap the benefits of it too.  My frustration lies in there are a ba-zillion people saying “get on”, “get communicating”, “be here”, “be there”…but for the common business owner, they don’t get the nitty gritty of what to say & how to say it.  It’s about the value-add that you are giving to people.  We know you have a product to sell, we get that…but how else can you contribute that will make my life easier & better?

So this tip of the day?  Don’t sell.  Contribute.