So there are opportunities out there in SM, some that I am VERY excited about that have even been created due to Twitter.

A very unnamed Twitterererer wants my help…and you WILL know about it.  ARGH! I am SO excited about it because it will amplify the world of SM here locally, bring some attention to businesses of the many possibilities & it might just produce something for the future for me.  Can not wait until they give me the “go”!

Quite surprising to me, I am getting some “shout outs” from people I highly respect in the world of SM.
Thank you to Michael G Cohen for the chance to be interviewed at TwitterViews w/the likes of Shel Israel. It goes live on Monday.

Earlier this week I DM’d Jeremiah Owyang letting him know about this blog…and he Twittered it out to his 14,198 followers.  I did the happy dance.  Thank you. 

I spoke to Steve Chazin again yesterday at  I inturruped his dinner in Floridia with his in-laws, sorry about that!  Funny thing is that he is there at the EduCause Conference as is MPC.  We were  going to educate show-goers on the MPC Community, but oh yea…I was laid off & it really is stagnant now. 😦  REALLY looking forward to another call with him.

Our local baseball club here as well as our hockey team have some great opportunities as well in the world of SM.  Todd Rahr & I have been in contact & we will touch base mid month.

My husband says to not give it all away (my SM ideas that is).  But what I am hoping will happen is that one of these companies will pick up on the idea that they need to hire me flat out or hire me as an independent consultant.  The search continues…in more way than one.