So I am not sure if it was

  • Two screaming 2 year olds that didn’t want to get in their car seats yesterday afternoon
      • The thought of living off of Sheppards Pie for a while
  • The empty feeling of “am I good enough?”
  • Just flat out overwhealm

But whatever “it” is that I feel (think pukey butterflies in your stomach) but I am getting scared.

I have been on the hunt for a new gig, officially, for 7 days now.  I don’t want to sell insurance, do clerical work from home or give up my passion of teaching & educating people about Social Media/New Media.  I might just have to compromise though…I can stuff envelopes with the best of them.

Four to five people have said I should definatly go out on my own & do the “jen thing”.  Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is enough to get me thinking I should do it.  But then reality of the “what if’s” lingers with me: mortgage, 2 cars & 3 kids that eat more than Greg & I combined (I know, sounds hard to believe but I swear sometimes we are raising horses and not kids!)  

So what is the “jen thing”.  Patti Murphy of Murphy Media says that what I can teach companies about Social Media is more on the 1:1 scale and not the 60,000 foot view that a lot of other individuals that are out there right now.  I am very much a believer in:

  • baby steps with a purpose
  • a long lasting message
  • developing your voice so that it is heard

More of an organic approach to Social Media rather than the fast food drive through.  Organic Marketing if you will…hmmm, that’s an idea what do you think?  Anyone takes that, I will personally rip you to shreds, thank you-xoxo 🙂

I will continue to apply for jobs & I have one more week to go until full on panic hits us head on…so for now, keep looking, writing, Tweeting and meeting new people.

If you are a local Twiter-er-e-r-er…@georgeseybold & @mightysmith so kindly had the idea of putting together a TWEETUP at the City Grill Friday 10/24/08 at Noon for my “liberation” from MPC.  Hope to see you there!