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Getting Laid off Sucks October 19, 2008

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Getting laid off sucks.  That’s obvious.

You could feel it in the air (and read it on the Yahoo boards) and you could tell something was weird.

So, I get laid off at 2:30 and had to hesitate not to twitter it as fast as I could…must-tell-husband-first: so I txt him.  My Twitter access is denied through the work servers already…ah grasshopper, have you not heard of The BlackBerry?  Send a quick text via my “just” downloaded app: TinyTwitter (love it btw)-

“Just laid off. Same handle Need break, lunch and afternoon date tomorrow…anyone??”

Husband calls as I am throwing my stuff in one of 3 bags as quick as I could while my phone is going off from all the Twitters & DM from friends.  It’s good to have friends…regardless if I only know them by their Twitter handle.  He says “are you $hitting me?”.  Nope, gotogo…packing & I still need to let some people know via email.

I am on my knees franticllay sending emails & a few Skypes to my contacts at Intel, Lithium and others before that ability is turned off too.  

I am done…printed off what I had created (simple strategy stuff-no high level secrets…like there are any) and I and another gal from Marketing head out.

They have 3 people at our check out gate taking the paperwork, our badges and checking our bags…so at this point you know it is not just the 3 or 4 others that I saw on the way out too.  They obviously didn’t read the post by @GuyKawasaki titled The Art of the Layoff.  I sat in my truck for an hour replying to the Tweets of concern & encouragement…thank you everyone!  Ironically, a gal from Denver that I just started following on Twitter & seems incredibally talented was let go earlier in the day.  I consoled her through DM’s & felt the same pain, anger & fear she did just hours later.

How can you not feel good though with Tweets like this…(of course it is in “Twitter read”=read from bottom to top).

Scott Nicholson
snicholsonboise @JenHarris09 they’re idiots, you’re too good for that role anyway, you are awsome 
bcritchfield @JenHarris09 I expect to see the LinkedIn profile change. 
bcritchfield @JenHarris09 WTF is right!!!!! Sorry to hear that. I am sure you will land on your feet quickly. I will keep my ears peeled. 
Rick Smith
mightysmith @JenHarris09 Been there recently. My grandpa always said, creative people (like yourself) always land on their feet. 
Brian Harrison
brharrison @JenHarris09 very sorry to hear that news. That’s terrible.
UnhamperedTees @JenHarris09 FOOLS! Some other valley employer just got REEEEALLY lucky. Still, sorry to hear it. Hunting is never fun. 
Renee Daniels
renee_daniels @JenHarris09 ohh I hate to hear that. I’m going to hope it opens the way for a great opportunity for you. 
Greg Harris
Idahocaddis @JenHarris09 some very lucky company will pick you up very quickly. I don’t doubt that at all. 
Tac Anderson
tacanderson @JenHarris09 did @mpccomputers at least give you decent severence package? it’s my goal someday to get a severence package. 
Chris Blanchard
LGM1 @JenHarris09 OMG! Jen I am so SORRY. This is terrible. I hate what this economy is doing to good people. 
Justin Foster
brandmilitia @jenharris09 man, that sucks. Will check in with you when we are back from PDX 
Tac Anderson
Brian Harrison

As I was heading out of the parking lot at 4:30, I got my first job offer.  I have other possibilities too, but I am working all angles as fast and as efficiently as I can.   Honestly, I don’t know if I want to be a consultant…the taxes just stress the crap out of me!  I have so many ideas of where I could help different organizations, so I am going to be out there blatently pitching them my ideas & I will go from there…so look out, my ideas are a-coming!

You can follow me and my job hunting follies at #jensSearch at Twemes

I have already been to the Unemployment Office and told my husband that I will have a gig by Friday.  Cross my fingers.


6 Responses to “Getting Laid off Sucks”

  1. Kevin Says:

    My experience going through the dotcom era (where everyone I knew got laid off once or twice over a period of a couple years) is that the people who start the job search the minute they are laid off are the ones that end up with better jobs than they had before very quickly.

    The ones who decide to take a few weeks rest/vacation and not be in a hurry ended up having the hardest time finding a new job.

    Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do well though!

  2. Hey Jen,

    Sorry to hear about the recent layoff. Booo. But I think it’s going to be a blessing in disguise for sure. You were too good for that place and need to find a place that will embrace “all that Jen is” and the passion behind your brand. I think your way in is the sales angle and your ability to use social media to cover more ground in credible ways. You are right there are millions of people that “know” social media, but not everyone can sell like you. So mash the two. Find a kick ass sales job that allows you to build a sales model with Social Media for the whole sales team. That’s one angle I thought of anyways …

    Talk to you soon. Keep us updated! xoxoxoxo

  3. Raquel Hankiinson Says:

    Hello, there Jenn……!

    I know how you’ve been, :0)……I read it. Lol..:) I actually talked to Wendy today and they are all still there, she says it is crazy. MPC is not the only Company hurting right now, Chris’ (my husband) company just shut the doors today on the American LLC Sector of the company. They let the entire staff go, except Chris; he now reports to Germany. Need-less-to-say, I am
    not complaining anymore, I just feel lucky that he still has a
    job….lol.. You also, should not get down, the economy isn’t so
    well right now and I read in the Statesman a couple weeks ago, that 17,000 people with another 1,500 to 2,000 people by Christmas will have lost their jobs in the Treasure Valley alone. I actually went to the classifieds online and when I clicked Jobs, not one item came up. Not good, however there are jobs out there and Im sure the right one will come along soon.:)

    Having the pleasure of working with Jenn Harris, I am very confident that you will find a great job that is right up your alley soon. I personally love the venturing out on your own idea. You would, without a doubt, be great at it, and totally succeed. Who knows, you might not know it yet, but like I’ve been reading; everyone is using computers and networks, so you may be right on track. I’m confident your road is going to be solid and successful. There’s no doubt in my mind, that You’ll do outstanding and be very successful at it. Your attitude will be your strongest asset. You’re a real joy to be around, I sat the closest to you for almost a year and despite my endless chatter, lol I never once saw you without a smile and a positive attitude, even when I may have started the day in complete chaos. If I just talked to you, I would snap right out it. Your definitely going to be an asset to any company who hires you or even yourself if you go that way.  So don’t worry,  With where the economy is going and what they say are, “careers of the future”, you’ll be fine! “Baby Steps” Jenn, lol…..:0)

    Here I am with endless chatter again. Lol… Anyway, the reason I am here is because; 1). I couldn’t find your email address and 2). It’s too long for a text message, so here I am….  I just read this interesting paper that I wanted to send your way because I really think you would dig it! It is on Anonymity & Antisocial Behavior” along with effects and solutions it could or may have on social networking. It also has some other things that are right up your alley, it’s just a couple pages and when I read it, it totally made me think of you. It’s interesting..:)

    Then, when I decided that I needed to find you and send the link over, I found another interesting page when I googled your name. I will include that link too. I didn’t read it, however the heading is of someone telling another person that they need to hire Jenn Harris? Who knows it may be something..:)

    You take Care, and I will talk to you later, Enjoy… lol

    Thanks, Raquel H.,

  4. Raquel Hankiinson Says:

    OOOPs….Well after al that Jenn, I forgot to leave the link,lololo..

    Here is the article, I don’t think the other was you so I won’t send that..Thanks…:)

    Talk to you later,


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